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    Joselyn Dumas Fights to eXterminate Cholera

    Joselyn Dumas with George Ameyaw (Head of PR, GUBA)

    Joselyn Dumas with George Ameyaw (Head of PR, GUBA)

    You may know her as the gorgeous and talented TV personality and actress in many Ghanaian and Nigerian movies, but, Joselyn Dumas is more than just an entertainment personality. Joselyn is a consistent award winner, coveting the Best Actress awards in both the Ghana Movie Award and the African Movie Academy Award. She is firmly rooted in the entertainment industry as a TV host and secured her place further, through her production company- Virgo Sun Company Ltd and her Joselyn Canfor-Dumas Foundation (JCDF) that helps underprivileged children.

    Joselyn has also recently launched the Xcholera campaign in response to the current outbreak of Cholera in Ghana. Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal illness typically contracted from infected water supplies, causing severe vomiting, dehydration, and death in some cases. Since May 2014, over 5,000 citizens have been affected by Cholera in Ghana.

    The Xcholera campaign is a social media campaign aiming to raise awareness about the unsanitary conditions that lead to cholera, and to find ways to eradicate it. The campaign requires that participants take a picture covering their mouth with their right hand to signify the blocking of contaminated food from entering one’s mouth. The pictures are then uploaded to various social media portals using the #Xcholera hashtag. The campaign has amassed an overwhelming following and is set to be a successful campaign.

    The “Xcholera” team also collaborated with Forces Help Ghana (FHG), a Foundation set up by Ghanaian born British army officers, on a massive clean–up campaign on the 5th of November 2014, as part of celebrating veterans in Ghana.

    We at GUBA have taken great interest in the campaign and in Joselyn’s work with autism through her JCD Foundation; GUBA gives her the platform to tell us more about her ventures.

    Joselyn-DumasWhat prompted you to start the cholera campaign?  I had a sense of urgency to start a cholera eradication campaign when Ghana was hit with the worst epidemic in the country’s history in June this year. I witnessed the staggering levels of cholera cases being recorded and found it very unfortunate, considering that cholera is a preventable disease caused by poor sanitation practices. I was saddened by this as it projected Ghana as a dirty country. I felt the responsibility to do something about the situation as a citizen and a public personality. The first thing that came to mind was social media, considering it’s a powerful tool in most successful campaigns.

    Tell us a bit more about the campaign and the progress so far? The ‘Xcholera Campaign’ which means stop / eradicate cholera, began as a movement on various social media sites, as a way of raising awareness about the causes and prevention of cholera. The concept was for people to take a picture with their right hand covering their mouth, to symbolize they would rather starve than eat contaminated food. They then had to post the pictures on the various social media networks with the hashtags; #Xcholera and #KeepCleanGh. This went viral on social media. The campaign was endorsed by many public figures in the media, entertainment industry, government and corporate Ghana. Lifebuoy Ghana and Ernest Chemist Limited came on board as sponsors. Sadly, finding sponsors for a project like this, which I consider a national agenda has been very difficult but nevertheless, my team and I decided to introduce phase two, which is more practical. The second phase of the campaign involves market storms where my team and I with the help of volunteers go into markets to educate traders on good sanitation practices. The first one was held at the Okaishie market followed by the next at Kaneshie market. Both events were very successful, reaching over 10,000 participants per event.

    josWhat measures would you suggest needs to be implemented to tackle cholera? I believe education is the way forward, the ill practices that lead to cholera outbreaks would only cease through behavioural change among the people. The government should reinforce Public Health Education on cleanliness. We must instil discipline in members of the public by reintroducing the “Town Council” system that was being used previously, where people were sanctioned for failing to keep their environment clean.

     How can people get involved with the campaign? Everyone is welcome. All you have to do is call or send a message on WhatsApp to register as a volunteer on 00233279555380. We’re inviting individuals and organizations to come and support this worthy cause in cash or in kind. Contact us on 00233279555380 for further inquiries.

     Do you have any related upcoming projects you would like to share? On the fun side, everyone should watch out for my new intriguing series “V – Republic” showing from 31st October on www.sparrowstations.com and “Silver Rain”, a Juliet Asante movie where I played a Kayayo.

     What do you think about GUBA? GUBA Awards is a great initiative and I applaud Dentaa and her team for their immense contribution in projecting Ghana positively, bringing amazing Ghanaian talents into the limelight, and serving as an inspiration for the younger generation.I also support the GUBA Foundation, which the JCD Foundation will be working closely with for a week of Autism awareness campaign in Ghana. GUBA is a pacesetter and I support all they are about.

     Cholera must be eradicated and we at GUBA fully support the Xcholera campaign. We urge you all to support using #Xcholera and call/message 00233279555380 to volunteer and donate to The ‘Xcholera Campaign’.


    Hooray!! GUBA Celebrates Fantastic 5th Year!!

    5 years ago, Dentaa Amoateng thought of a concept that will unite and recognise the accomplishments of Ghanaians in the UK. This concept gave way to the first ever GUBA awards which took place on the 24th of October 2010 at the Porchester Hall in London.

    GUBA’s ethos from inception till now is to unearth talents, showcase, acknowledge and celebrate the excellence of British Ghanaians. Several milestones have been achieved along the way ranging from; endorsements from former premier and wife Mr & Mrs Blair, FIFA boss Sepp Blatter, the Ghana Minister of Tourism, London Mayor- Boris Johnson, both Ghana and British High commissions and a whole host of prominent individuals and organisations. GUBA prides itself with her charitable wing – the GUBA Foundation which has been raising Autism awareness within the Afro-Caribbean community.

    GUBA hosted its first ever business expo on Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th of November 2014 at the Charlton Athletic Football Club. The GUBA Expo aimed to provide a platform for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) trying to break into the British market, and workshops to help up and coming entrepreneurs. It was informative and well attended.

    In lieu of its 5th year anniversary celebration, GUBA Team members looked back to how they felt about GUBA from its inception till now…..

    Happy Birthday GUBA and congratulations to Dentaa for turning the dream into a reality, and bringing a wonderful team together. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the reality- Nana A

    I recall hearing about the first GUBA awards when my cousin won the first GUBA’s Student Achiever Award.  It is a great team to be part of and I really appreciate the dynamism, characteristics and enthusiasm each member brings. It is our individual uniqueness that has made GUBA what it is today- Jennifer

    Well I first heard about GUBA around 3 years ago, it was a fabulous coincidence when I came across GUBA again through my work, I immediately wanted to help and be part of the team. It has been an absolute honour and a pleasure to be part of this special team. Happy 5th Birthday GUBA, long may you reign! - Alison

    I first came across GUBA when Dentaa enquired about venues from me. We have stuck together through it all and no matter what goes wrong, we pull through as a team to get it right. I really love what GUBA stands for- Temaah

    George: I supported GUBA for three years through sponsorship from my organisation then I asked Dentaa if I could be part of the team. Since then, I have loved every second of my relationship and I feel blessed to be working with such a dedicated team and an exuberant leader! God bless GUBA! May we all live longer to see our younger ones take over prosperously!

    I remember when I first heard about the vision of GUBA, I am very proud of how far GUBA has progressed. Hosting the very first GUBA Awards was an absolute honour - Natasha

    Chrissy: I attended my first meeting and was sold on the concept of GUBA. I have been in love with GUBA since then, so much so that I am now Chair of the team.

    Abigail: I was asked to join the team in June 2010 and it has been a whirlwind! It has been filled with great memories and many more years of success to come!!! Gillian: GUBA is fabulous and is serving a very important purpose in our community. Happy 5th anniversary to GUBA and huge congratulations to Dentaa and everyone who has helped to bring it this far!

    Claudia: It was a privilege for me to have been chosen to be part of GUBA. It has been a great experience and I am still loving it!

    I remember watching a YouTube video of Asamoah Gyan promoting GUBA and after researching into GUBA awards, I loved what it stood for and needed to be there! What an amazing event! I was networking a lot and was completely flabbergasted. From that point on, I wanted to be part of this amazing event. Dentaa and her team delivered an astonishing event which set high benchmark not just for Ghanaian events but for Africa as a whole. I am very honoured to be a member of the GUBA Team. Nana Sechere

    Dentaa called me about an idea for an awards ceremony, we had a very constructive meeting and discussed the ideas in details. I remember Dentaa’s perseverance in obtaining sponsorships and finally securing a great deal. Travelling to and from Newcastle and Sunderland trying to convince the footballers was difficult, but worth it. I am very proud to be part of this great organisation, may God bless all my GUBA familyEbo Morrison

    Kim- I heard about GUBA through a friend and I was immediately interested and started following Dentaa on Twitter. A few weeks later, she tweeted that she was looking for someone to assist with PR. I jumped at the opportunity and sent her an email, a meeting was arranged and I became part of the team. Since becoming a member of the team, I have experienced the love and warmth that is no less than that experienced in a family. I have never come across such patriotism and loyalty in a team and this makes me proud to be part of this inspirational movement.  Cheers! to many more GUBA years and to a wonderful leader

     Abena – I was asked by Dentaa if I would like to be part of a project, I attended the first meeting and fell in love with GUBA. It has been amazing to be part of a team that creates an event that inspires, encourages and rewards the efforts of Ghanaians in the UK. Many great memories and lifelong friendships have been formed and I will forever cherish them.  I strongly believe that you must leave a legacy on this earth and I am very proud to be part of the GUBA legacy.

    GUBA would not have been possible without the help of our supporters, sponsors, media partners and everyone that has helped along the way. We remain grateful and hope to have your continuous support in the years to come.

    To find out about future GUBA expos, visit www.gubaexpo.co.uk



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