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    Charity Fundraiser in Aid of Cancer Awareness

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    A Charity Fundraiser in aid of Cancer Awareness will be held on Sunday the 5th of October 2014, hosted by Arc Event Management.

    The Charity Fundraiser will be an exciting night filled with live music, inspirational stories from survivors and entertainment. Tickets cost £40 and will include dinner, reception drinks and a raffle ticket. It will be an enjoyable, spectacular and philanthropic event that should not be missed.

    The number of cancer cases in the UK is steadily rising. Currently, two million people in the UK have had a cancer diagnosis. If this number continues to rise by over 3% a year, this could see four million people living with cancer by 2030.

    Inspiration to host this Charity Fundraiser came from a personal experience from GUBA’s chair Christine Addy. Christine’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 after earlier misdiagnosis. She underwent chemotherapy for several months and went into remission. Shortly after, the cancer returned and she sadly passed away. Sadly, no one is exempt from cancer and early detection is the key to save many more lives.

    It is evident that more awareness and education on the symptoms and treatment of Cancer is needed. Proceeds raised from the fundraiser will go to the chosen charity and will go a long way in funding research and educating the public on cancer related issues.

    The event will be taking place at the Hideway, Streatham. 2 Empire Mews, London, SW16 2ED.

    Tickets for the event can be purchased by contacting Christine@thearcuk.com or call on 07900 676 272.

    Please support this worthy cause by purchasing tickets and helping to spread the word.

    Vote for The Dream To Screen

    Wings 1

    Onysha Collins – Film-maker, Writer and Director, has been selected as a Finalist for a nationwide film-making competition ‘Dream to Screen’. Onysha and four others were chosen out of 500 applicants by Helen Mirren, Ashley Walters and BAFTA executive Amanda Berry.

    Dream to Screen is a competition that gives finalists the opportunity and budget to make a film based on the theme of inspiration. The Finalist with the most votes between the 1st and 19th of September gets their film shown at every Cineworld throughout the UK and Ireland.

    Onysha’s film ‘Wings’ is a 4 minute film which tells the story of Malachi, a young boy with autism, who is determined to get wings so that he can fly to Heaven to reunite with his mother.

    Onysha aspired to make this film as an exploration of the false perceptions of autism, faith and the reward of perseverance. Wings gives a look into the life of an autistic boy and it is loosely inspired by the Biblical scripture – (2 Kings 2:11), which documents Elijah’s ascension to Heaven.

    Autism still remains misunderstood and stigmatised within the African community. The GUBA Foundation as well as other charities is centred on trying to disband the misinformation, and provide help and resources. Wings plays an important part in helping to document the everyday experiences of autistic children.

    Playing the role of Malachi is GUBA’s Young and Talented 2013 nominee Nana Agyeman-Bediako. Nana is an extremely talented actor who has played many intriguing roles including his role in The Lion King theatre production.

    Onysha Collins and her film Wings needs your vote. By voting for this film, you provide a talented filmmaker a chance to showcase her film on the big screen to the masses. Voting also helps to bring light the serious issue of the lack of knowledge surrounding autism.

    GUBA urges you to watch the film and vote at:  http://www.dreamtoscreen.org/nominees/310/onysha-collins#

    Let us help this project by voting, sharing and promoting the link via social media to help spread the word about Wings.

    To find out more information about Onysha Collins and her work, visit www.onysha.co.uk







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