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    Internship Opportunities in Ford of Britain

    Description: Ford Home

    Ford of Britain is externally recruiting for a limited number of Vacation Trainee and Business Placement Student opportunities.

    Information on these Internships is available at our recruitment website at http://www.ford.co.uk/careers

    We are currently recruiting externally for Vacation Trainees (up to 3 months work placement) and/or Business Placement Students (maximum 12 months’ work placement) to join the following functions starting from summer / early September 2014:

    ·         Product Development

    ·         Manufacturing

    ·         Marketing, Sales & Service

    ·         Information Technology

    ·         Purchasing

    ·         Supplier Technical Assistance (STA)

    ·         Finance

    ·         Human Resources

    ·         Sustainability and Environmental Engineering

    ·         Communications and Public Affairs

    ·         Quality

    Most of these paid work placement opportunities will be based in Essex.

    Vacancies will be posted on various other work placement websites, but interested applicants should apply online via:


    Ford is committed to the principle and practice of equal opportunities in all aspects of employment.

    Dentaa to Join Roundtable Discussion at the LSE Africa Research Summit

    The LSE Africa Summit Research Conference is scheduled to take place on the 4th of April 2014 at the Sheikh Zayed Theatre, London, from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm. The theme of the conference will be ‘Emerging trends in African Entrepreneurship’.

    This conference will be host to many influential African thinkers and personalities including: Keynote speaker- Obiageli Ezekwesili (Co-Founder of Transparency International), Max Bankole Jarrett (Deputy Director Africa Progress Panel Secretariat) , GUBA Exceptional Achievement Award winner - Herman Kojo Chinery-Hesse of (CEO of SOFT Tribe) and GUBA Founder and CEO Dentaa Amoateng.

    The day will be split into four panel discussions on areas of Finance and Investment, Agriculture/AgriBusiness, Women and New Frontiers. Following the panel discussions and reviews of research papers on the trends of entrepreneurship in Africa on the four chosen areas, will be a roundtable discussion.

    Dentaa, alongside Richard Dowden, David Campbell and others will be taking part in a roundtable discussion addressing the current trends and issues pertaining to Entrepreneurship in Africa.

    The research conference is expected to provide strategic insight into Africa’s potential in entrepreneurship and its socio-economic effects on the continent by discussing the latest evidence coming both from within and outside the continent.































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