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The Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards (GUBA) is an Innovation Awards which celebrates and acknowledges individuals and businesses that contribute or provide a service to the Ghanaian community in the Uk or in Ghana.

This event will be a sponsorship funded event, organised by Nudent Quality Solutions. It aims to raise self esteem and highlight the image of local businesses in the UK through their business innovation and entrepreneurship.

GUBA awards will be an annual calendar event with a sole purpose of acknowledging and attracting individuals and businesses providing a service to Ghanaians’ in the UK.
It will be a platform to show case the business acumen and energising spirit of Ghanaians striving to cut across all boundaries to raise high the flag of Ghana in the UK.

The event will be attended by members of the business and African communities and aim to attract investment and awareness provide a positive drive for Ghana and its businesses.
Sponsors and the audience of the event can network extensively and engage with all in a unique way to provide a sustainable gateway link to Ghana and Africa

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