Ghanian Murdered by Old Gang Rival

On 29 November 2010, Sylvester Senyah, aged 33 a British gentleman of Ghanaian origin was stabbed to death outside a Caribbean restaurant  in Leyton by an old gang rival, Simeon Smith who is now 34 years old, the Old Bailey has heard.

The parents of Sylvester Senyah, who have maintained a dignified silence since the murder shed several tears as the jury returned a verdict of GUILTY, yesterday, 23 June, 2011.  This was soon after the verdict was returned in the Milly Dowler trial in an adjacent court room, Court No. 8.

Sylvester Senyah, also known as “Twiggy” , was attacked by two men as he carried his food back to his parked car in Capworth Street, Leyton, East London.  The court heard that he was on his way to pick up his 10 year old son from school.
Simeon Smith, admitted causing the injury but denied murder on the basis of self defence.  The court heard that Simeon  and his younger brother had been a member of the Beaumont Crew during his teenage years and had a criminal record.  

Simeon gave evidence in court, often in a tense atmosphere, admitting that Sylvester had been his friend. They were all the same age. He did not know how what he claimed was a verbal argument escalated into the death of a human being.  He waited 4 days and handed himself in to the Metropolitan Police. He believed that Sylvester’s parents needed to know what happened that day.   He stated sometimes bursting in tears that he set out that morning to open a bank account. He had put his life back on track and was looking forward to a career in Music Production and Football managing. He even said he could have been a boxer. His life now was in ruins.

However, on that fatal day,  he was hungry and had no money to buy the curry goat and rice at Annie’s.  It was freezing cold and he had gone outside with a friend, Mr Sharon to smoke some cannabis.  We may never know or really understand what possessed him to stab Sylvester whom he referred to as Twiggy.  Sylvester bled to death from a knife wound to his femoral artery in his groin.  He was stabbed 3 times.  Unfortunately, the paramedics and ambulance men were unable to save him. He died in hospital about 40 minutes later.

His parents who are from Royal families in Ghana, West Africa and entire family are completely devastated and distraught at this senseless act of violence.

May his departed soul rest in peace.

Sentencing will be today at 10:00am at Court No. 6 at the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EH

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