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Ghana has been graded as the 7th best performing government in Africa according to the 2011 Mo Ibrahim Index on Governance. With 66 out of 100 marks, Ghana was also ranked the second best West African government behind Chad.

The Mo Ibrahim Index provides a framework and tools for citizens, public authorities and partners to assess progress in governance. It also compiles 86 indicators grouped into 14 sub-categories and four overarching categories to measure the effective delivery of public goods and services to African citizens. The four indicators that were used to rank Ghana includes: Safety and Rule of Law, Participation and Human Rights; Sustainable Economic Opportunity and Human Development.  Below are Ghana’s rankings in the following areas.

  • Safety and Rule of Law – 72 ( ranked 6th in Africa)
  • Participation and Human Rights- 69 (ranked 4th in Africa).
  • Sustainable Economic opportunity,- 53 ( ranked 16th in Africa)
  • Human development – 72 (ranked 12th in Africa)

These indicators contributed to Ghana’s overall ranking on the Mo Ibrahim Index. The winner of the 2011 Mo Ibrahim award however went to former President Pedro Pires of Cape Verde. Mauritius followed closely with 82 marks, Cape Verde with 79 marks, Botswana with 76, Seychelles 73, South Africa 71 and Namibia 70 marks. War ravaged Somalia had the lowest ranking on the index.

Ghana’s performance has been attributed to the performance of the government and good governance from the Attah Mills administration. Professor Akilakpa Sawyer, a member of the Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance Advisory Council has said that good governance and prudent management of the country’s oil revenue was vital to the advancement of Ghana’s economy.

Although the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the main opposition party in Ghana are pleased with the ranking, they added that Ghana has been ranked seventh for the past two years and it was about time that the country moved beyond that position to nearing the first position. They stated that countries like Cape Verde, Botswana and Seychelles are small countries compared to the size of Ghana, leading to questions being asked about what they could be doing better than Ghana for them to win these positions.

I’m sure that many Ghanaians are happy with this ranking and hope that it exceeds these rankings on the next index. With the current preparations for the December elections however, Ghana seems to be on the right track to being considered an effective Democratic country.

By Claudia Andrews

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