Ghana has signed on to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) aimed at promoting transparency, empowering citizens, fighting corruption and harnessing new technologies to strengthen governance.

President John Atta Mills joined 45 other countries worldwide to sign Ghana onto the initiative at the on-going 66th UN General Assembly in New York. The partnership is a global effort to make governments better with institutions that empower people and are responsive to their aspirations. The member countries of this partnership include: USA, Brazil, Albania, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia and Croatia. Others include: Korea, Liberia, Mexico South Africa, Spain and Tanzania.

OGP governments are connected with experts in specific areas who help governments to develop innovative, cutting edge open government commitments

US President, Barack Obama urged the member countries to promote the value of transparency and commit themselves to the principles enshrined in the Universal declaration of Human Rights and other applicable international instruments related to human rights and good governance. He stated that these values will help in their efforts to promote openness in government and pursue an approach consistent with their national priorities and circumstance and the aspirations of the citizens.

President Obama urged the member countries of the partnership to lead by example and contribute to advancing open government in other countries by their adherence to best practices. He also pledged the commitment of the US to make the countries which had signed onto the partnership more committed to their resolve to ensure open government and transparency.

Story by Claudia Andrews

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