FIFA pay tribute to pioneering footballer Arthur Wharton

The Arthur Wharton Foundation – Presentation to FIFA President Sepp Blatter on June 6th 2012.

The Arthur Wharton Foundation is proud to inform you that an Arthur Wharton Maquette Statue will now be displayed at the home of football’s world governing body, FIFA, as a result of a charitable donation by the Zurich based organisation.

The presentation to FIFA President Sepp Blatter will take place at FIFA Headquarters in Zurich on June 6th 2012, at 11.00am. Representatives of the Foundation will attend.

To see Arthur Wharton being recognised, honoured, and celebrated at the highest echelon in football is wonderful news, both poignant and appropriate as a lasting tribute to his legacy as the world’s first black professional footballer.

Arthur Wharton has now been formally recognised for his role as a pioneer and trailblazer by The FA (England), UEFA (Europe) and now by, FIFA (World) – all of whom will have a Maquette statue of Arthur Wharton on display at their respective headquarters.

This collective show of support demonstrates the commitment and desire to see Arthur Wharton rightfully acknowledged for the crucial role that he played in contributing to what is known today as ‘the beautiful game’ that is football.

The pioneering legacy that Arthur has bequeathed is far-reaching and should never be forgotten. It is fitting that the Foundation is based in Darlington, England, where he first played football in 1883 at the historical ground called Feethams. Darlington is a town which all those years ago, campaigned to the “Times” newspaper for Arthur to be the first black footballer to be selected for England.

The generous donation received from FIFA in return for the Maquette statue will enable the foundation to continue to raise awareness of Arthur Wharton, his story and the need to embrace culture and diversity towards equality for all.

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