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Hi GUBA lovers- we are back with another blog for you. It seems flying to new heights and challenging the status- quo comes naturally to some people and we came across a piece on BBC News Africa which shows the education of Ghanaian women in the aviation industry.

Titled- Ghana’s flying women, the BBC have put together a slideshow of women who are learning how to soar the skies in Ghana.

First, we have a picture of Patricia Mawuli in the cockpit- who is a certified pilot and the only African women qualified to build Rotex engines. Next we see a picture of the Kpong airfield, one of West Africa’s busiest private airfields. Private flying lessons are available alongside the runways being used by air crafts which distribute aid.
In the next photo we see Jonathan Porter aka ‘Captain Yaw’- a British owner of AvTech installing parts into an aircraft. Porter hopes to make light air crafts available to rural communities to help combat poverty.

We see two bright faces of students at AvTech, Lydia and Juliet who are learning everything around light aircraft and at the end of four years will have an internationally recognised qualification.
The presence of an aviation school has been highly beneficial for young Ghanaian women – it has opened doors to learning a new skill. Sometimes it may be difficult to reach rural areas in the country and across the African continent because of the presence of dust roads, high hills and broken bridges. However, access it more easier and faster by air. Teaching people how to fly an aeroplane makes them more independent and can help spread knowledge, skills and resources.

It is inspiring to see women making a mark in this industry- it just shows that as long as the opportunity is there- there is always a way to make a positive impact in the Ghanaian community and to the world at large.
If you would like to see the pictures for yourself, here is the link 

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By Isha Webber

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