GUBA Ambassador in new movie

The GUBA team are looking forward to the summer, aren’t you? The little rays of sunshine over the weekend had us out and about, catching up with friends and family.
 Before I popped out I’ve got some exciting news on Facebook. GUBA Ambassador for 2012, Jeanette Kwayke has an update on her Facebook fan page.
In 2007, Jeanette agreed to take part in ‘Personal Best’, a film which will be released at the end of this month.
Directed by Sam Blair, this film follows four Olympic hopefuls and chronicles their training regime.
Jeanette is the only female in this motion picture and is not spared a brutal training session.
We see Jeanette push herself more, ‘fulfilling her potential’. The public get a glimpse into the day-to-day challenges the athletes encounter. The body is her vehicle to achieve gold and yet she has to ‘keep pushing the body further’.
I can not wait to see this film, the trailer is inspiring. Jeanette, the GUBA team are behind 100%. Keep pushing – I can’t wait to blog about you winning gold!”.
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