Celebrities Design for African Clothing Brand, Koshie O!




Koshie O! is a brand of clothing which integrates African themes and aesthetics with modern designs. Merging African fashion with Western connotations, Koshie O! has built a reputable name in the fashion industry.  The CEO Nina Baksmaty, currently living in the United States, was raised in Ghana along a line of traditional dressmakers from which she gained a lot of experience and inspiration.

‘Koshie O woman’ is the current campaign by run by the company. The campaign is a progressive initiative that celebrates strong, bold and confident women who are able to juggle various day to day life whilst staying fashionable and stylish.

Celebrities currently involved in this campaign are American Artists’ Mya and Michelle Williams as well as Eva Marcille the former America’s Next Top Model. These Koshie O women will co-design pieces for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Story by Claudia Andrews

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