Ghana earned 2.4 billion dollars from exporting its non-traditional exports last year.  This is the highest earnings grossed by the country in a long while. This is a 50% increase from 2010 which only drew in 1.6 billion dollars.

The earnings came from processed and semi-processed goods, agriculture and handicrafts. Processed and semi processed foods made, contributed almost 90 per cent of the earnings whilst agriculture and handicrafts made up the rest of the exports. Cocoa paste alone grossed in 673 million dollars. Non-traditional exports are other export commodities aside coca beans, timber and minerals.

Half of the exports went to European destinations and ECOWAS took up 27 per cent. Kwadzo Owusu, Chief Executive of the Ghana Export promotion Authority attributes the sterling performance to aggressive promotion by the authority and cooperation of all the sectors under it.

The Ghana Export Authority is projecting a gross 5 billion dollars in the next years from non-traditional exports.

 Story by Claudia Andrews

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