GUBA encourages Ghanaians and Africans to SHINE at RIO 2016

London 2012 Olympics saw some of the best sporting talents the world has to offer. World records were set, history was made and it was splendid!

During the celebrations however, the poor performance of the African and particularly the Ghanaian athletes cast a dark shadow on proceedings. The participation and performance of some African nations were subpar, very few and in some cases no medals were won at all. It was a moment we would all rather forget. As the saying goes however; ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’, and that is where GUBA comes into play.

The Ghana UK Based Achievements (GUBA) Awards have come up with an Olympic song and video to get Africa geared up for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. This song is to encourage the youth to get more involved in Athletics and to get the sporting councils and governments to be more proactive in sports proceedings. The message from GUBA is one of support and hope for an exceptional performance from Ghanaian and African athletes in Rio 2016. Let’s make 2016 the time for Africa to shine.

The video features talented stars like: Ruff and Smooth, Efya, Edem, Lyrical Soldier, Derry from  The Risk, Stephanie and GUBA CEO, Dentaa.

Please watch, download on iTunes and share the link to help support our athletes. 
Check out this video on YouTube:

 Let’s go Ghana, Let’s go Africa!

By Claudia Andrews

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