SONNIE BABU – GUBA 2010 ‘Best Musician’ to perform at Wembley Stadium

The first ever UK National Day of Prayer of Worship (NDOP) is to be held at the Wembley Stadium on September 29, 2012. The NDOP will be a gathering of churches from various denominations with the sole purpose of prayer and worship. Pastor Jonathan Oloyede, the man behind NDOP has always had the desire to hold a major prayer gathering and the event which takes place this Saturday will see ministration from various artists across the world.

Amongst the spectacular line up is GUBA’s very own Best Musician (2010) winner, Sonnie Badu. The charismatic gospel singer, who won the very first GUBA award for his music, is set to minister to over 70,000 people at the Wembley Stadium. Sonnie Badu has had a successful year from releasing his album ‘Colours of Africa’ to winning a double award at the African Gospel Music Awards (AGMA). His hard work and dedication to God through gospel music has won favour with many and we at GUBA caught up with our former winner to get new and further insight into what makes Sonnie Badu.

 Tell us about your upcoming ministration at the National day of Prayer and worship

I have been looking forward to this day. It is a historical day for me because no African has ever ministered at Wembley stadium and so being one of the first Africans to do so, is a true honour and I’m working hard to ensure I make Africa proud.

What does Gospel music mean to you?

Gospel music means a lot to me; through gospel we are speaking the words from the bible. Gospel singers and Preachers are very similar, the only difference is that one speaks the bible and the other ministers it musically. The world without gospel is a dying world and gospel music if done right serves humanity very well. Gospel music’s purpose is to lift the people up and usher them into God’s presence.

What other exciting things can we expect from you in the next couple of years in regards to music and business?

I have a number of projects coming up the first of which is the launch of our clothing line. I also have some performances at the O2 and a tour in Ghana at the Kumasi and Tamale stadium. I’m getting into movies so I have a movie coming out soon and a number of books too. As long as God gives us strength and life, everything is possible.

You won a GUBA award 2 years ago, how did that impact on your life?

Being recognised by the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards meant and still means a lot to me. It meant that my people had honoured me and it did change my life greatly because I felt very valued and treasured.

So what would you expect from this year’s GUBA awards?

 The level of the GUBA awards was very high last year so I don’t expect anything lower than the standards the GUBA team set last year. Dentaa’s expectation for GUBA is so high that I can’t wait to see how this year turns out. I also wish all the nominees the best of luck.

Interview by Claudia Andrews

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