6 Year Old International Author Eliza-Joy, Speaks to GUBA

Many six year olds scream of boredom on an almost daily basis and most satisfy that with video games and other play activities. Eliza Joy Agyeman-Duah however, has found an interesting cure to her boredom. She has translated her love for stories into a business and at the tender age of six, has managed to get two of her books internationally published. Eliza enjoys stories that carry a moral lesson, a sentiment which has translated into her writing. Her two books The Yellow Dolphin and the Blue Monkey have been internationally acclaimed and available to buy on amazon. This inspirational young girl has demonstrated that age should never be a barrier to achievement and we at the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards spoke with Eliza to find out a bit more about the girl behind the books.

What is your full name? My full name is Eliza-Joy Agyeman-Duah.

How do you prefer to be called? I like being called Eliza-Joy or EJ by my family.

What school do you go to? And what year are you in? I am at Queensbridge Primary School and I am in year 2.

Have you got any siblings? What are their names? Yes I have three brothers; their names are Daniel Judah, Joshua Caleb and Jonathan David

You’ve done very well by having two books published. How did you get into story writing? I used to write stories all the time and I wrote more when my brother is not at home and I am bored.

Both your stories teach people to behave well, how important do you think it is for children your age to behave well? Do you always behave well? Sometimes I am good and sometimes I am naughty but it is good to behave well.

Do your siblings and school mates think of you as a celebrity? No, they still think of me as EJ.

Give me an idea of the next story you will write? When should we expect that? I was writing about the Purple tortoise that cycled at the Olympics

What is your favourite book at the moment? I like the bible. We read it at Sunday school.

Does mum and dad treat you special or do you get into trouble sometimes? Yes my parents treat me well but I get told off sometimes when I am naughty

When you grow up, apart from writing books, what will you like to do? I want to be a doctor or a dentist when I grow up.

Do you know about GUBA awards? Yes. GUBA give awards to people who have done well.

Eliza is a down to earth young girl who isn’t fazed by the limelight. The support and encouragement from her family ensures that she continues to aim high, work hard and remain humble. GUBA is extremely proud of Eliza-Joy and her accomplishment to date, we hope that her endeavours help to inspire her peers and in turn, create a generation of achievers.

The Yellow Dolphin and The Blue Monkey are available from Amazon.co.uk and Authorhouse.co.uk for £11.99 or downloaded on Kindle for £2.64. Downloads will be available on all apple appliances from November, with a voice over for £1.99. Parents can add their own voice overs and other interactive features.

By Claudia Andrews.



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