The Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards has unveiled nominees for the public vote ahead of the GUBA 2012 awards ceremony on 10th November at the Park Plaza hotel, London. The GUBA awards currently in its third year, is known for the celebration and acknowledgement of Ghanaian talent in various fields including business, music and fashion.

The nominees for the ‘Best Afro Fusion designer’ award have all made some outstanding contributions towards African fashion. Through the incorporation of the vibrant and rich nature of the African print into everyday collections.

GUBA recognises the impact of minute actions on daily life and although these designers are not solely responsible for the advancement of African fashion, their contributions have been significant.

After extensive shortlisting, the four main Afro-fusion designers with the most nominations were: B U B U S H II KY, Ashanti Lou, House of Adjeiwaah and Anita Quansah London.

B U B U S H II K Y is an innovative fashion brand that uses creativity and substance to provide quality products, highlighting particular elements of an individual’s style and personality. Their fusion of African patterns and traditional styles into everyday footwear has earned them the title as ‘the Heel of Africa’. B U B U S H II K Y’s collection of African inspired and designed footwear transcends borders.


 Ashanti Lou collection draws inspiration from the use of contrasting materials, vibrant colours and Kente fabric. The Ashanti Lou emblem is Ananse Nontan, which translates to ‘Spider’s Web’, an Adinkra symbol meaning ‘Creativity and Wisdom’. The essence of art, fashion and graphics is captured by this collection to create what can be referred to as the epitome of outlandish footwear.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The House of Adjeiwaah’s aim is to promote and preserve the empowerment of today’s modern women and forever allow the wearer of her product to feel like a Queen. The House of Adjeiwaah earned their popularity through the ingenious use of traditional African print in a way often described as a fusion of excitement, bursting with fresh colours and edgy shapes.


 Anita Quansah London is a varying mix of unexpected elements fused with reclaimed parts of vintage jewellery, semi -preciousstones, rare African beads and textiles. These elements have been pieced together to create expressive, unusual, handmade and one-off statements pieces, to capture the essence and creativity of the wearer.


 These Afro- infused fashion powerhouses have been nominated by the public for their outstanding involvement in fashion and the advancement of African print. Through ingenuity and drive, African fashion is slowly being recognised and accredited as a viable contender.

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