Sir Sam Jonah Selected as Advisor for Bank of America

Sir Sam Jonah

GUBA’s very own Special Achievement Award winner, Sir Sam Jonah has been selected as a Global Advisory Council member for the Bank of America (BoA). The Bank of America is one of the largest financial institutions, serving a variety of customers across the globe. The BoA announced on the 25th of January, the formation of the Council, appointing 13 internationally recognised business, academic and policy leaders.

Sir Jonah is the founder and Chairman of Jonah Capital as well as a director on the board for Vodafone Plc. His contribution to the world of business and policy earned him the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Award’s ‘SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD’.

The BOA states that the role of the Global Advisory will be to “share expertise and insights on the bank’s global engagement” and help it strengthen its worldwide relationships. The Advisory Council, chaired by Chief Executive of the BoA Brian Moynihan, is a body set up to advice senior bank executives on trends and

emerging opportunities in local markets. The first inaugural meeting will be held in Hong Kong in March 2013.

GUBA is exceptionally proud and pleased with the efforts of Sir Sam Jonah. We wish him more success and efficiency in his role on the Advisory board.

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