Ghana Launches Hope City IT Project

President John Dramani Mahama has launched a project to build a $10 billion IT Hub in Accra within three years. The HOPE City Project is aimed at creating jobs for the youth in Africa.

At the launch, President Mahama expressed the government’s delight at being part of the project to transform the lives of Ghanaians. He added that Hope city was in line with government’s determination to work with the private sector, as the next stage of Ghana’s development will be led by the private sector.

Artist Image of HOPE CITY building

“Government is excited that this project is led by a local company RLG and the government will offer support to the project and all similar projects. Government will continue to support indigenous initiatives and this project will enjoy tax incentives and reliefs” – the president noted

The CEO of RLG and GUBA’s special achievement winner: Mr Roland Agambire leads this project in collaboration with the Government of Ghana. This project is part of the national development policy framework, aimed at turning Ghana into a knowledge-society and an active player in the global economy.

In his address, Roland Agambire said the project estimated at $10billion is a huge investment into the country. He added however that, the benefits of the project far exceeds the investment. Mr Agambire said it was an opportunity that many private partners and governments across Africa can share in.

“Today we have assembled here to make another history, history of giving birth to a new city on the continent; a vertical city in which the continent’s ICT brains will converge, a vertical city where lives are to be built and the tallest city in Africa where the entire future of our noble country and continent will be fashioned.”

He further explained the purpose of the IT hub: “What we are trying to do here is to develop the apps from scratch. This will enable us to have the biggest assembling plant in the world to assemble various products. In this regard, HOPE City shall specifically seek the support of government for tax reliefs to ensure that HOPE City is not only completed but completed on time for ICT to serve as the new economic discovery for Ghana” – He added.

RLG sealed a crucial partnership with the world’s largest software and programme developer Microsoft Corporation last year, to use the vehicle of Microsoft to export made-in-Ghana and made-in-Africa technologies to the rest of the world.

Mr Agambire also admitted that it was time we modernise the public sector and create a paperless workplace and further called for the need for African businessmen to begin to form synergies and partnerships to lead the drive for the sustainable growth of the continent.

The IT hub will be made up of six towers including a 75 storey, 270m high tower, which will be the highest in Africa. Hope City will provide work for 50,000 people and will host 25,000 inhabitants.

GUBA hopes that local entrepreneurs and the government continue to work in collaboration to enhance Ghana.


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