Ghana’s New Home-grown Beer

New Ghanaian Beer – RUUT EXTRA

Residents of Accra now have the opportunity to enjoy the first ever Ghanaian beer made using locally sourced cassava. Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL), Ghana’s only total beverage business, has launched its latest innovation: Ruut Extra Premium beer.
Ruut Extra Premium beer was officially released to the Ghanaian market in December 2012 but was only available in the Central, Western and Volta Regions. It has received positive reviews for possessing the right level of bitterness and also for its distinctive refreshing taste. 
Ruut Extra has also been acclaimed as being a beer truly worthy of its Ghanaian roots, as it offers Ghanaians the real taste of Ghana and allow us to celebrate our Ghanaian pride (Y’asaase yen nsa).  It is affordably priced at GHC 1.60p, available in a stylish 625ml bottle with a distinctive gold metallic label and has an Alcohol Volume of 6%. 
Managing Director of Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd, Mr Peter Ndegwa said the company is proud to be leading the way in beverage innovation, with the launch of Ruut Extra Premium beer as it is the first of its kind ever to be produced in Ghana. 
He added that the use of locally sourced raw materials is indeed a demonstration of GGBL’s commitment as a business to positively impact the communities within which they operate, as well as improve the lives of local farmers especially in vulnerable communities. Mr Ndegwa said soon, residents in all other regions will have the opportunity to enjoy the truly amazing taste of Ghana.
GGBL has been investing in local raw material sourcing; working in partnership with local suppliers and farmers, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, NGOs and researchers to help develop sustainable local raw material supplies, through improvement in productivity of farmers. 
GUBA hopes that companies continue to use locally sourced produce to carry on the ‘Made in Ghana’ brand.

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