Selecta Aff Set to Rock the Afro-Beat World

As one of the fastest growing genres in the music industry, it is no wonder that Afro-beat is gaining a lot of respect and recognition. With this growth comes more interest, and young afro-beat stars are increasing in numbers to help push forward this music phenomenon.

One of the young and talented artists to hit the scene is Emmanuel Osei, best known by his stage name ‘Selecta Aff’. Still in the preliminary stages of his music career, he is vigorously making a considerable impact in the music scene. Selecta Aff’s impact was felt when he was nominated for a ‘Best UK Artist of the Year’ award at the Ghana Music Awards in 2012.

He headlined alongside Mista Silva and other eminent afro-beats stars at the Africa Unplugged concert, performing to a large number of audiences. Selecta Aff and his record label Empire Sounds are working to change the face of Afro-beat. We at the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards like to empower and support the work of aspiring individuals and bring you this interview to get an insight into the making of Selecta Aff.


Who is Selecta Aff?

I am a multi-talented and versatile individual with a strong passion for singing and acting.

What inspired you to start making music?

I grew up around music because every member in my family works within the music and entertainment industry in the UK and in Ghana. My family’s achievements in the music industry inspired me to work towards success.

I first started out as a DJ, moved on to be a Radio Presenter and also did a few Club and Party Hosting for family and friends. The support I received from doing these various roles gave me the momentum to move on as a musician.

How did you get signed to your first record label?

I was initially spotted during an event in a London based Ghanaian bar. I was DJ’ing and hosting at this event and I think my manager then, was impressed with my skills and ability to entertain the crowd. This relationship led to me releasing my debut single: ‘Fine Girl’.

What message do you hope to convey through your music?

My music is for all ages and through that, I try to advice the youth to stay off the streets and to involve themselves in productive projects. I hope that they are also inspired through my music, to do meaningful things with their lives. I also try to bring out feel good music that put smiles on the faces of my listeners.

Why did you decide on Afro-beat in place of other genres?

I decided to do Afro-beat as a way to represent Ghana and to put African music on the map.

Which Afro-beat artists are you presently inspired by?

I am really inspired by Kojo Antwi from Ghana and 2face Idibia from Nigeria. They both focus on classic African songs and have succeeded on the music scene. They are hardworking musicians and they inspire me greatly.

How would you like to see your music progress in the near future?

I hope that the hard work my team and I continue to put into the Afro-beat scene gets recognised. I would love to win a few awards, penetrate other genres and progress further with my music overall. More importantly, I will like to be nominated for a GUBA 2013 award.

Are you involved in other projects besides music?

I have recently signed a contract to be an Official Spotlight Actor. I will be involved in commercials, TV shows, movies, and spotlight acting known as ‘Fusion’

What would you like to achieve in the next 5 to 10 years?

In the next 5 to 10 years i would like to be successful in the entertainment industry. I hope that my passion for music and acting would have taken me to places I have never dreamt of.  I would also love to collaborate with other Afro-beat artists such as Wizkid or Davido.

Through his drive and determination, GUBA will like to see Selecta Aff progressing and becoming a name brand in the music industry. We wish him all the best and will be looking out for more hit songs from him.







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