We Will Make Your Money Work For You In Ghana! says Elvina Quaison of Silk Solutions

Ghana’s business opportunities have attracted quite a lot of attention recently. Many people want to get involved in all of the opportunities they keep hearing about and that is where Silk Solutions comes into play.

Elvina Quaison of Silk Solutions a business concierge based in Accra, Ghana (www.silksolutionsglobal.com) has identified ways you can get involved safely, securely and right now!

You don’t need thousands to start investing; you can get involved from as little as £100. The key is to make your financial plans based on professional advice and guidance. Silk Solutions will be hosting MTM: Invest on Thursday 14th March 2013 in London.  This will be an event bringing together business professionals and business owners, to share ideas about good investment areas.

Nana Adu Ampofo is the co-founder of Songhai Advisory a bespoke business intelligence consultancy based in the UK and Ghana. The company was set up to provide critical insight on market opportunities in West Africa. Nana will be showcasing the current attractive investment areas available in Ghana .These investments are available to the seasoned investor and to anyone willing to see their money do better than it currently is in the bank.

One of the key areas booming significantly is the property market, ‘Ghana’s growing population, buoyant economy and favourable investment environment make its real estate market increasingly dynamic.’ http://www.oxfordbusinessgroup.com/economic_updates/ghana-private-opportunities-real-estate

Silk Solutions can provide:

  • Exciting possibilities for those wanting to enter the property market
  • Opportunities to own your own home
  • Investment possibility
  • Help to those who have land in central attractive areas of Accra but don’t have the funds to develop it personally.
  • Help partner you with developers who would help you turn your land into an investment.

One of the most exciting developers currently operating in Ghana is led by Ernest J Hanson http://beaufortghana.com/team/. Ernest has shown that he has a real understanding of what the property market needs in Ghana from his experience of co-founding Clifton Homes http://www.cliftonghana.com/Welcome.html . His track record shows that his developments sell out within weeks. Hanson will be talking about his Ridge development (of 61 units – there are only 12 left) and be revealing an exciting new project in Cantonments that will be showcased for the first time at MTM: Invest.

Another area which people who are wondering how to make their savings really see growth will be shown via the insight of HomeStrings https://www.homestrings.com/  HomeStrings is an online platform that showcases investment opportunities across Africa. The key element of MTM: Invest is to introduce financial ways to move you closer to wealth growth and to help you secure a better future. Silk Solutions believes that the exciting growth and development Ghana is experiencing can be enjoyed by all. Let us help make your money work for you.

This event has been structured so you will be able to secure a property at the event and begin the process of investing in the financial products available. For more information on the speakers and what you will need to move forward at the event please contact elvina@silksolutionsglobal.com.


When:            Thursday 14th March 2013

Where:           Artillery House, 35 Artillery Lane, London, E1 7LP

Time:             18.00 to 21.00

Fee:                £30 (Use discount code ‘Independence’ to get 56% off the advertised price)

Booking:       www.mtminvest.eventbrite.co.uk

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact info@silksolutionsglobal.com

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