Isaac Frempong Praises through Adversity

It is said that through adversity we develop an inner strength and draw closer to our purpose. Through a trying time in his life, Isaac Frempong’s faith was strengthened; he has since gone on to be a Minister of the word of God and in doing so, has enriched the lives of others. Recognizing his calling from a young age, Isaac has been dedicated to spreading the Gospel of God through music. His love for singing coupled with his strong relationship with God, has led to him releasing his debut album ‘Praise Through’. The aim of the album is to motivate and encourage people to seek the help of God through trials. The single ‘He Reigns’ from the upcoming album is available to purchase on ITunes. GUBA shines the spotlight on Isaac Frempong in this interview, as we find out what he has in store with his upcoming album and the impact God has had on his life.


What inspired you to go into music ministry?

I always had music around me when I was growing up and during Secondary School in Accra, I led the Prefects Choir. This experience was to become my first of performing in front of a crowd. I soon realised I had a heavenly call for Music Ministry to which I responded to by joining my church choir, singing lead vocals and performing solo ministrations. My love for music continued to increase and I learnt how to play various musical instruments. I am currently the Choir Leader and Praise and Worship Minister.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming album.

My upcoming album is a Holy Spirit inspired collection of songs. The album, ‘Praise Through’ was birthed at a very challenging period in my life. My wife and I had to earnestly seek the face of God to see us through a difficult situation. We learnt to praise through our adversity, struggles and trials in order to overcome every obstacle of the enemy. The lying enemy came to steal, kill and to destroy but, as we were armed with Praise and Worship, he failed! It is an inspirational and motivational album to encourage those who feel dejected by the many challenges of life.

What do you hope your listeners gain from listening to your songs?

My album is one that I strongly believe and hope will touch and change the lives of many.  I hope that it will renew and refresh the minds of many. I want this album to elevate people to new spiritual heights.

What other projects are you currently involved in?

I am currently focusing on promoting the new album and writing some more songs.  I do have a Charity called Children of Potentials (COP). COP is a non for profit organisation that believes that children possess phenomenal potentials and abilities which should not be lost due to poverty but instead, cultivated and nurtured through support. We provide educational, health materials and financial support for children and young people.  We also support parents of disadvantaged children by helping them to start small business enterprises. It is a fantastic organisation that is trying to make a difference.  I am also coming up with a new fashion line which will help fund the charity.

 What advice will you give to others about overcoming adversity?

I would have to say that the grace of God is the answer to overcoming adversity.  We have to possess the knowledge that Jesus died for us so that we can be free from the law. We have to leave guilt and shame behind and focus on the redeeming power of the blood of Jesus Christ. Life is full of challenges however, if we make God our focus and magnify God and not the problem, we shall overcome every adversity.

 The album ‘Praise Through’ will be out on the 17th of August 2013. We hope that this album motivates and strengthens the faith of many.  We would also encourage people to show support for the Children of Potentials charity.

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