A Celebration for African Women in Europe.

Undoubtedly, the effort of Africans living around the world continues to have an impact on Africa as a whole.  Amongst these contributions to the African diaspora, African women living in Europe especially are steadily making strides in various sectors. The African Women in Europe (AWE) organisation have recognised the impact these women are having within their communities and various countries.  As a result, the AWE has worked to provide a platform to connect these outstanding women.

In 2011, the AWE awards were set up to acknowledge and further elevate the talents of women within the African and European community. This annual award ceremony brings together women from diverse sectors all over Europe to acknowledge and inspire each other. It is an award and organisation of its kind.

GUBA came across the wonderful work of the AWE awards when our founder Dentaa, was nominated for an award. We have since been impressed with this organisation as they represent the voice of African women all over Europe.

In a bid to know more about this organisation and its components, we have given the AWE a platform to engage and inform our amazing readers in this detailed interview.


Tell us a bit about the African Women in Europe awards?

The need for the African Women in Europe Awards came from an assessment conducted through the African women in Europe website which has over 700 registered members. From the assessment it was clear that there were a number of accomplished African women working and contributing to Europe as a whole. We were also inspired by the interviews done through our voluntary online radio shows where we met amazing African women in Europe involved in great endeavours. We decided to use the awards as a platform to honour and acknowledge these women and in turn empower others to aspire for greater things.

What can be expected from the awards this year?

This year’s awards ceremony will be a spectacular evening to support and show appreciation to the leading African women in Europe. It will be an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements and inspire many in the process.   A workshop will take place from 2-5 pm which will be followed by a three course dinner and the awards ceremony. There will be a number of keynote speakers, inspirational speeches and entertainment.

What impact would you say African women living in Europe have on Africa as a whole?

African women that live and work within Europe are inspirational because they have a positive effect on the image of Africa. Through business, they are able to financially affect the African diaspora and in turn motivate other African women to grow their business. As a result, we have made the AWE website an open platform where we offer women from all over the world the chance to connect and motivate each other. Through this, we aim to be able to improve the lives women in Africa financially.

What other projects are you (African Women in Europe) involved in?

We run workshops every year on different topics ranging from micro finance to acquiring business funds in Europe. These workshops provide women with the knowledge and contacts needed for growth. We currently have a Blog Talk radio show where we inform and educate members and listeners. This radio show project brings together listeners and draws on issues that affect African women living in Europe.

What do you think about the GUBA awards?

We came across the GUBA organisation when we registered the CEO Dentaa as a nominee in one of our categories. GUBA is similar to our awards because it focuses on acknowledging the achievements. GUBA is a great platform to showcase the wonderful talents within the Ghanaian community in the UK.

How can people get involved with some of your projects, sponsorships and more?

We are a private self-initiative organisation so we would be more than glad to receive financial support for our events.  We also encourage partnership in some of our events especially with workshop facilitators for women empowerment.

 We would like to encourage everyone to attend the award ceremony to support our CEO and all the other nominees. It will be a night to celebrate, acknowledge and be inspired by hard-working African women.

 The African Women in Europe awards will be taking place on the 29th of June 2013 at the Holiday Inn (Kensington Forum) 97 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 4DN.

Tickets cost £45 and can be purchased via http://africanwomenineurope.eventbrite.co.uk/.

For more information, please visit http://africanwomenineuropeevents.eu

Email: Wambui.njau@africanwomenineurope.eu

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