Dr Easmon Provides Excellent Health to All

At the tender age of five, Dr. Charles Easmon recognized his calling to practice medicine. He followed this path earnestly and currently aged 51; has developed an expertise in various areas of medicine including travel medicine and public health.

Dr Easmon is the founder and CEO of one of the most successful private medical practices in London. Your Excellent Health Service (YEHS), formerly known as Number One Health, is a private medical practice located on number 1 Harley Street, the destination for private and excellent health practices in the UK. YEHS has grown in speciality and clientele and is currently a leading competitor in the health industry.

His dedication to public health has earned him many accomplishments. After conducting his elective in Ghana, he was awarded the Excel Award for Innovation, Dedication and Excellence in 2008. As one of the few UK medical practitioners to have obtained the International Certificate in Travel Health from the International Society of Travel Health, he also became a member of the new Faculty of Travel Medicine in 2008.

These accomplishments and his work within the medical field earned him a nomination for ‘Best Professional’ in the GUBA 2012 awards; a fiercely contested category. Subsequently, he has gone on to progress further in his field and business.

Catching up with our former nominee, he admits that setting up his own business and the freedom that comes with it, is the motivation behind his success “Setting up a business was important to me because I wanted to control my own destiny.” The search to create a “high quality private health service for companies” that focuses on the needs of its clients has been the driving force behind Your Excellent Health Service. YEHS acts as a one stop shop for all medical needs, specializing in a range of areas including:

  • All aspects of travel health – providing malaria tablets, medical kits and mosquito repellents.
  • Any level of health screening ranging from £6000+ for extreme cases to £88 for mini health screens.
  • Seasonal flu vaccines, antiviral medicines and pandemic flu advice and preparation.
  • Mental health seminars
  • Health promotion events
  • Occupational Health
  •  UK & Norwegian Offshore medicals

Amongst these many accomplishments, Dr Easmon is still striving to improve the world of medicine one step at a time. Disclosing his alternative projects and future plans to GUBA he states: “I have a high quality care agency known as Harley Street Care (http://www.harleystreetcare.com/) as well as a direct access to capsule endoscopy (www.insideuview.com). I am working on establishing a Telemedicine program as well as a Paramedic agency. I also have plans that involve water, sanitation, safe lighting & energy for all in Ghana.”

It is no doubt that this hard-working and forward-thinking professional is destined for more greatness. His pragmatic nature is one that is valued and highly sought after in most fields. His advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is: “Be prepared but do not be afraid to fail.  Learn from others, don’t scrimp on the cost of a good accountant but understand the figures yourself and keep asking questions.  Focus on human resources, operations, finance, marketing and strategy. Out think the competition and throw love at your clients and service them effectively”

Dr. Easmon further adds that ‘GUBA is a fantastic organisation that honours and shows appreciation to incredible Ghanaians. I enjoyed the award ceremony very much, met some great people and made some new friends. I expect GUBA awards 2013 to be even more interesting and full of outstanding, engaging people.

GUBA is extremely impressed by the achievements of Dr. Easmon to date. His drive and dedication to excellence is to be applauded. We are in no doubt that he would be involved in further greater things and we wish him all the best in his endeavors.

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