GUBA Interviews: Vivienne Isebor, Artist and Upcoming Entrepreneur



Vivienne Isebor is a talented and motivated young lady who is reaching higher heights with her love for music. She has performed alongside the likes of gospel phenomenon Rachel Kerr and also had the opportunity to perform at the GUBA Foundation’s autism event which took place in April.

Vivienne has currently set up a community project aimed at providing help for young people. The Platform for Success Initiative will focus on elevation, motivation and aid for young people living in the UK. She continues to demonstrate that ambition and proactivity is the key to success.

GUBA speaks to Vivienne Isebor, to get an insight of her projects and musical accomplishments to date

When did you discover you had a passion for music?

I first found my passion for music in secondary school. I used to always rush to get the computer ahead of my siblings to play music, mostly Aaliyah. My friends and I would spend our lunchtime singing and from then till now, music has always been present in my life.

What musical projects have you been involved in to date?

My first musical project was the Blastbeat Competition for Year 11 students to organise their own music event. My work during the competition earned me the Best Artists and Repertoire (A&R) award.

I recently accepted the role of Brunel ACS Head of Music, which is significantly the biggest ACS in the country. This involved me organising a number of services to our members including:  setting up vocal and piano lessons, organising rap cyphers and leading musical jam sessions. I also conducted and organised a choir that performed at a number of society events and external platforms, including children’s wards at local hospitals.

What would you say has been your best performance so far?

My best performance would have to support a Rachel Kerr concert. This was my first full 30 minute set with a whole band and I loved every minute of it. The privilege of supporting Rachel Kerr alongside having my family watch me perform for the first time, contributed to make it my best show so far.

Tell us a bit about your newly formed company and the concept behind it.

Platform for Success is a community based project directed at elevating and uplifting the young black community in London and across Africa. We aim to educate young black people and to encourage a steady progression towards their personal success, through positive engagement and reinforcement. Our first major event should be taking place this summer.

What do you think about GUBA and what are your expectations for the upcoming awards?

GUBA is an inspirational organisation. Their efforts and aims are nothing short of amazing, the difference they make is priceless and I pray they can continue to touch more lives. The bar was set very high last year so I expect nothing less than the best.

In the next 5 to 10 years what would you like to have achieved?

In the next 5 to 10 years I would like to have obtained my doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Ethnomusicology and a Masters in Music Therapy. I would like my business to have reached out and started a branch in Africa alongside a solid foundation in London where we have made a significant change in the lives of our community. I would also like to have released at least one CD and performed in ‘The Lion King’ Theatre production.


Vivienne continues to make a positive impact within her community and GUBA will like to wish her all the best in her career and projects.

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