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200 years ago Thomas De La Rue set up De La Rue – one of the world’s first banknote printing company. Presently, De La Rue stands as the largest and most established commercial banknote printer. From cash note processing to providing Government Revenue solutions, this company is a leader in its field.

De La Rue is committed to the responsible management of all its activities and believes that corporate social and environmental responsibility is key to the interests of all its supporters. They are internationally committed to the communities and the environment in which they do business, and endeavour to operate in a manner that minimises the environmental impacts of their activities and products.

As part of their corporate social responsibility, the De La Rue Charitable Trust is setup to direct funds to appropriate causes worldwide, emphasising educational projects promoting relevant skills and self help initiatives. The Trust is currently in partnership with the Bank of Ghana to set  up an educational charity.

De La Rue’s commitment to excellence and adherence to its social responsibility, is a factor behind its nomination for the Armajaro and Ghana High Commission Corporate Business of the Year award.

De La Rue share their business experiences with GUBA….


Tell us about the premise behind your business 

As the world’s largest integrated commercial banknote printer, De La Rue is a trusted partner of governments, central banks, issuing authorities and commercial organisations around the world.

The Group has in recent years been involved in the design/production of over 150 national currencies. De La Rue also produces a wide range of security documents including passports, driving licenses, authentication labels and tax stamps. In addition, the Group manufactures sophisticated, high speed cash sorting and inspection equipment.

De La Rue also offers a range of specialist services and software solutions including government identity schemes, product authentication systems and cash management processing solutions.

How does it feel to be nominated for the Corporate Business of the Year and what would winning mean to you? 

De La Rue is delighted to have been nominated for this award, which we understand to be as a result of De la Rue supplying banknotes and passports to Ghana  since its independence. Winning this award would demonstrate that our customer, The Bank of Ghana, is very pleased with the banknotes that have been designed and manufactured by De La Rue.

What do you think about the GUBA Awards? 

Although relatively new, the GUBA Awards have already become established as an excellent recognition forum. It provides the opportunity for proud Ghana citizens to celebrate the achievements of UK based individuals and businesses, who have made specific contributions to improving the livelihood of Ghanaians.

Where does your motivation come from? 

This year De La Rue celebrates its 200th anniversary and over the past 200 years we have established an unparalleled track record of innovation that continues today. De La Rue is motivated to provide innovative high quality products and services to our customers that include The Bank of Ghana, commercial banks and the Ministry of Interior.

Do you have any plans of expanding your business? 

Today, De La Rue Currency provides market leading printed banknotes, banknote paper and a comprehensive portfolio of banknote security features. The business also advises on critical issues of currency strategy such as design,  denominational structure and protection against counterfeiting. Our vision is to be the leading provider of secure products and services, touching the lives of everyone, everyday. We will achieve this by building long term, mutually beneficial partnerships through a sustained focus on customers, innovation, professionalism and operational excellence.

Are you involved in any other projects? 

De La Rue has a track record of successful innovation and we are determined that this will continue in the future. We are focusing our expertise and investment to accelerate the rate of idea generation and development to enable us to offer customers the very latest technologies. This allows us to provide differentiation and achieve competitive advantage.

 What message would you give to aspiring and upcoming entrepreneurs? 

There is no doubt that Thomas De La Rue showed entrepreneurial spirit when he established De La Rue in Guernsey on 6th February 1813. Over the years, De la Rue has demonstrated a rich history of innovation including printing playing cards, adhesive stamps, installing the world’s first ATM machine. We would encourage aspiring and upcoming entrepreneurs to look into De La Rue’s history to see what is possible from a company which started from such humble beginnings.

Do you have anything else you would want to add? 

De La Rue is currently working with The Bank of Ghana on setting up an educational charity. Although it is currently at an early stage, it is likely to follow the model of that which De La Rue set up in 2003 with the Bank of Sierra Leone,  that gives full scholarships to students in order to study in Freetown.


We at GUBA are extremely impressed with the work of De La Rue so far. We hope they continue to strengthen their bond with the Bank of Ghana and continue to fulfill their corporate social responsibility.

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