GUBA Speaks to Rising Star – Samuel Mensah-Bonsu

Samuel Mensah-Bonsu first gained artistic  popularity with his t-shirt designs, fashion and photography.  As a creative artist and graphic designer , Samuel’s unique designs have been featured in several online artistic communities such as & Showing  steady growth in his craft, he is currently working his way towards print and typographical design.

Samuel is the brainchild behind SMBSTUDIOS, an online portfolio showcasing his work and that of other affiliated artists. His designs and eye for detail was recognised by the Mi Firi Ghana brand, establishing him as the creative director for their products. This dedicated young man’s tenacity has led to his nomination for the GUBA Rising Star Award.

Samuel Mensah-Bonsu tells GUBA his story….

Where does your motivation come from? 

My motivation comes from my sheer passion for what I do and bringing creativity into peoples lives. I am motivated when people see my work and they enjoy it as a form of escapism. On a grander level I am motivated by my roots and all the new opportunities that those before me did not have. It motivates me to do and accomplish much more.

How does it feel to be nominated for the Rising Star award and what would winning mean to you? 

I am deeply honoured to be nominated. Having my name amongst some of the most successful Ghanaians around is a great feeling. Wining would mean the world to me because, it would mean people are actually paying attention to me, and more importantly  understanding my vision and what I want to do.  When you have the support from your culture and people there is nothing that you cannot do.

What do you think about the GUBA Awards? 

The GUBA awards is a great thing and very needed. Celebrating fellow Ghanaians in our country is such an inspiring thing. To know that these people doing great things are from the same culture as me is so uplifting and encouraging. I think it is crucial we celebrate the success and bring these people into the light. So much good is out there, so many successes have been had and our communities need to know about Ghanaian success!

Do you have any plans of expanding yourself and your brand? 

Yes, I eventually plan to take my brand back to Africa and expand it on a continental level. Hopefully establishing my company as one of the leading creative consultancy firms in Africa.

Are you involved in any other projects? 

Yes I am actually involved with the Me Firi Ghana Company and have the position of Creative Director. I am so passionate about bringing the best out of our culture and letting the world embrace it.  I believe bringing Ghana to the forefront as a brand that people love and actually buy into will be an amazing thing, and I am honoured to be spearheading the journey.

What message of motivation would you give to other young people? 

The main message I give to young people is to know, understand and respect where they came from. It will inspire you to achieve whatever you want to. Believe in yourself and stay close to God, there are so many distractions in this world, staying focused is harder than it looks.

Do you have anything else you would want to add? 

Please Vote for me for the GUBA Rising Star Award. Thank You.


Samuel’s dedication and drive is inspiring and we at GUBA are impressed with his work. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours. 

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