Talented Actor, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith Speaks to GUBA

As a Television, Film, Radio and Voice star, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith is an accomplished young personality. Kobna has performed in a number of theatre plays with his current role as Mortimer in Edward II at the National Theatre.

He has appeared  in comedy shows such as Little Britain, Star Stories, Harry and Paul, Pulling, Saxondale and many more. Taking the Flak,  The Cafe (Sky 1) and Frankie (BBC1) are a few of his remarkable work.

Kobna currently voices the Grant and Nightingale novels by Ben Aaronovitch, writes and produces. This multi-talented artist has also been nominated for the GUBA Rising Star award, competing against other outstanding individuals.

Kobna speaks to GUBA about his work…


Where does your motivation come from? 

Fundamentally it is about positivity. The feeling of accomplishment is a great motivator.


How does it feel to be nominated for the Rising Star award and what would winning mean to you? 

I feel deeply and authentically honoured to be nominated for a GUBA award. I view it as a form of approval from the people, the home and the family that I am part of here. It would be a humbling, soulful delight to win and  I am thankful for the nomination.


What do you think about the GUBA Awards? 

GUBA is  a celebration of endeavour that connects and reconnects us with Ghana. In my opinion, It is an enhancement of our community.


 Do you have any plans of expanding yourself and your brand? 

I am an artist I have always grown.  The only plan is never to stop.


Are you involved in any other projects? 

I am a trustee of an arts education charity called Dramatic Need. They support and help build the confidence of vulnerable children in Africa.


What message of motivation would you give to other young people? 

The hard bit of hard work isn’t hard, tedium is hard. Early starts, late finishes, repetition, discipline and detail are hard to maintain.


Do you have anything else you would want to add? 

If you’re truly strong then your strength is also for others.


Kobna has done remarkably well in his career so far. It is evident that this is the beginning of greater things to come. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours. 

Vote for Kobna for the GUBA Rising Star award at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/rising-star

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