GUBA Best Student Achiever – Jason Ochere ‘The Singing Academic’ Speaks to GUBA

Missing the opportunity to attend the University of your choice is dream shattering for most-Jason Ochere however, managed to use this setback to fuel the rest of his journey. After missing out on Oxford University for his undergraduate study, he worked tirelessly and impressed with his work. He is currently undertaking a Masters in Comparative Social Policy at Oxford University.

This inspiring young man is using his experience to inspire a generation of leaders. As project leader of the ‘Greeate Political Project’ he aims to educate a generation of politically informed and active young people. This project offers career opportunities to 14-18 year olds, providing them with opportunities to liaise and learn from political figures. Jason’s life so far substantiates the value of hard-work, and his selection for the GUBA Best Student Achiever award further affirms that.

Jason is also musically talented and charismatic; he managed to impress the audience with a beautiful display of his vocal ability on acceptance of his GUBA award.

Talented, intelligent and a pioneer, Jason Ochere has a lot to tell, so GUBA gives him the platform to share….

Congratulations on your GUBA awards win. How does feel to be the recipient of the Student Achiever of the Year award?

I am extremely grateful to have received this award! There are many other British- Ghanaian students who are making great strides to achieve on the educational front, so to be chosen as the best student achiever from such a great pool of talent and success is humbling. My educational journey has been full of peaks and troughs. It has not always been a smooth journey but it has made me understand the importance of hard work and allowing God to crown your efforts with success.

When I found out I won the award I was absolutely delighted and very grateful. My Ghanaian heritage has played a huge role in fuelling my desire to succeed in my educational pursuits. Given this, I am very thankful to receive this award from GUBA as it recognises my contribution to the achievements of all Ghanaians in Britain.

If I had been told 8 years ago that I will be given an award for being the best Ghanaian student achiever in Britain, I would have probably laughed. Now I have received this award, it has made me more grateful to God and for the support that I receive from family, friends and church.

What are your thoughts on the GUBA award ceremony?   

Like many who attended the event, I thought the event was brilliant. It really has set a standard not only in the Ghanaian community but also in the African community and beyond. It was a great example of how to put on a successful and well-attended awards evening that recognises the achievement of individuals, charities and businesses. From the point at which I was received into the venue by GUBA staff to the point where Dentaa gave the closing speech, it was apparent a lot of work and thought had been put into the awards evening. Kudos to the GUBA team for putting on a memorable night!

Do you have any feedback about the awards that you would like to share?

If there is any feedback I could give, it would be for GUBA to continue moving on in great strides and go from height to height, which they have proven to do every year.

What is your plan of action for 2014?

My first plan for 2014 is to work towards completing my Masters degree at Oxford.

Secondly, it is to continue working on the politics project I run for young people titled ‘The Greeate Political Project’. The project seeks to introduce young people aged 14-18 into a career path that might otherwise seem inaccessible to them. The holistic aim of the project is to give young people a greater understanding into politics. The project will consist of a string of events led by MPs, Mayors, Councillors, Civil Servants, Community Organisers and Special Advisers to United Nations and Political Parties.  The first phase of the project will roll out in January with 8, sixth form students from Lewisham will be taken on a tour by an MP and they will get the opportunity to ask questions relating to his job and his journey. With political engagement statistics revealing that young people feel powerless and excluded from the political process, this project aims to address this by giving young people the opportunity to gain first hand information from those in power.

What advice would you give to fellow students?

I would say, in all our endeavours even whether high or low we should continue to be determined to become the best that we can be. With the experiences and challenges we face as students it will ultimately put us in good stead to overcome future challenges that will propel us all to succeed in whatever we choose to do in the future. Continue striving!

Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Thanks to GUBA Awards and may the organisation grow from strength to strength.

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