Lively Minds, GUBA Best Charity of the Year!

“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a generation”

This proverb rings true to the mission and ethos of the Lively Minds charity. Lively Minds operate by educating mothers in rural parts of Africa, as a means of creating a generation of educated young women. From play centres to workshops, Lively Minds are actively working to improve education within rural communities in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

Sustainability, interactive learning and empowerment are a few of the things that make Lively Minds such a unique and outstanding charity. To date, the charity have provided the opportunity for over 13,000 children to learn through play and raised awareness about detrimental practices such as child sacrificing. Many rural areas have felt the positive impact of the Lively Minds Charity, as they continue to empower and help many.

The incredible work of Lively Minds made them deserving recipients of the GUBA Charity of the Year Award (2013). GUBA catches up with the winners to hear their targets for 2014.

 Congratulations on your GUBA awards win. How does feel to be the recipient of the Charity of the Year award?

We are so delighted to receive this award; it is such a great honour to have our work recognised by GUBA. We were nominated alongside three other great charities, so we were very excited when it was announced at the ceremony that we had won.  This year marks our fifth birthday too – so winning this GUBA award is such a fantastic end to our anniversary year!

What are your thoughts on the GUBA award ceremony?  

The ceremony was really well organised and good fun! It was great to hear and meet so many other organisations who are doing great things in both Ghana and the UK.

Do you have any feedback about the awards that you would like to share?
For us, it was a great opportunity to network and spread the word about Lively Minds’ work in Ghana. We are a really small charity so the opportunity to have our work recognised in this way really makes such a big difference for us.

What is your Lively Minds’ plan of action for 2014?
We have got big plans for our work in Northern Ghana for the year ahead. Our first motive for 2014 is to train over 390 mothers to run educational Play Centres in 13 new communities. These new Centres will benefit over 1500 new children each year. The mothers have never been to school and are normally marginalised in their villages, so it is transformative for them too.

We aim to continue to support our existing communities by providing monthly skills workshops for the mothers who run our Play Centres. We will also work to setup 10 new Reading Schemes in Primary Schools in Ghana to benefit over 1,250 children.

Do you have anything else you would like to add?

We have just launched a crowd-funding campaign. This will enable us to buy a 4×4 vehicle in Ghana which will help us to navigate the treacherous roads and reach more remote communities in the North & Upper East who need our help. It would be great if people could share the link to our Crowd-funding Campaign:


To find out more about the outstanding work of the Lively Minds Charity, visit:

We also urge everyone to support the crowd-funding campaign:

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