GUBA Interviews Maria Ampah Lovell – Founder of the Ghana Society.

MariaMaria Ampah Lovell is an inspirational woman whose influence goes beyond the Ghanaian community. In 2006, Maria saw the need for a society for Ghanaians in Luton and responded to that by forming the Ghana Society. The society went on to participate in the Luton International Carnival and made history as the first African group to do so. This was the beginning of the many endeavours she was to embark on.

She is the current Director for the popular Miss Tourism Ghana UK pageant; this pageant is responsible for empowering the young ladies who compete to promote Ghanaian culture. She is also the UK Ambassador for Ghana Breast & Cervical Cancer Campaign.

Her work has earned her a number of accolades including the Mayor’s Citizen’s Award, and she is a valuable member on a number of boards and communities. Maria successfully handles family life, work and events that promote the interest of Ghana.

Maria’s believes that “Life is full of oscillations, but as challenging as they may be, one should persevere to sustain excellence and success” this mind-set has made her an exceptional woman.

GUBA gives Maria the platform to share a bit more about herself and upcoming projects.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am mother of three lovely children and I enjoy reading, theatre, cinema and I am very passionate about Ghana. I formed the Ghana Society in 2006, as a means to unite and empower the Ghanaian community in Luton.

I have a background of working in government and parliamentary business in the UK. My roles involved working directly with the ministers and government officials to help them carry out their duties.

I am a Youth motivational speaker and was awarded the Mayor’s Citizen Award in 2011 for my contribution to the Luton community. Organizing events is an enjoyable experience for me and as a result, I am Founder/Organiser of the African Summer Music Festival, Director of Events for Miss Tourism Ghana UK, UK Ambassador for Ghana Breast & Cervical Cancer Campaign and UK Representative for Kumasi Black Arts & Culture Foundation.

Share with us a bit about the Ghana Society and the upcoming Luton Carnival Event?

The Ghana Society is a dynamic and vibrant Mas touring group. The Society is part of the Luton Association of Mas and has championed a lot of cultural/heritage projects, workshops and social events promoting Ghanaian culture in Luton and beyond. The society has also a received various accolades including the top two awards in the 2013 Luton International Carnival. This year’s Luton carnival will be taking place on the 25th of May. It will be a vibrant infusion of music, dance and culture and it will be a worthwhile experience.

What projects has the Ghana Society been involved in?  

The Ghana society has been involved in a number of projects. One of its known projects is Miss Tourism Ghana UK. Miss Tourism Ghana UK was set up as a social platform to encourage and empower young ladies in the diaspora with Ghanaian parentage, to engage and promote Ghana as a must-visit tourist destination. The pageant consists of 10 contestants representing the 10 regions of Ghana, who compete to be crowned as tourism Ambassador for Ghana. The Ghana Society also collaborated with the Ministry of Tourism Culture & Creative Arts Ghana, to host the first ever national carnival in Accra on 29th June 2013; a successful carnival which attracted over 10,000 people.We are looking forward to our 2nd carnival to be held on June 28, 2014 in Accra, Ghana. Other projects also include:

  • The Akwaaba to Ghana project – a compilation of interviews from members of the Ghanaian community in Luton. The book was launched in 2012 and again in 2013 at the Houses of Parliament.
  • The San Ko Fa project – developed to teach and share various traditional cultural dances and music infused with western dance forms.
  • Ghana UK Youth Enrichment Ball – our latest initiative launched in April 2014 with the theme “our youth our future’ is aimed to celebrate acknowledge and reward the youth.

How does your event help to further unify the Ghanaian community in the UK?

Our event brings Ghanaians together to share and celebrate our culture with pride. It encourages Ghanaians who live in isolation to unite, network and participate in social events which promotes community cohesion. We have a vibrant youth and our aim is to encourage and empower them to embrace their culture with pride.

What do you think about the GUBA Awards?

GUBA Awards is a welcoming event in the UK to celebrate achievement within our communities. It is a fantastic platform which brings about unity and progressiveness amongst the Ghanaian and African community in the UK.


The common goal which we all share is to unite and empower our people and to promote our culture in the process. Maria and the Ghana Society are doing a fantastic job and GUBA would like to encourage everyone to attend the upcoming carnival and support the Ghana Society.

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