Celebrating Past Winners: Akua Wood of Sheabutter Cottage Speakes to GUBA

Sheabutter Cottage is a company famously known for its range of natural, ethically sourced, handmade shea butter and toiletries. This sustainable business has been thriving since its establishment in 2004, and steadily becoming the face of natural hair and skin care. It also has its charitable side; a percentage of every purchase is donated to help sustain the less fortunate.

The visionary and CEO behind this establishment is the inspirational Akua Wood. Akua Wood started her range of natural shea based products in 2002, as a solution to the scarcity of such products upon arriving in the UK. The demand for a wider range of products led to the growth of the now recognised Sheabutter Cottage.

Akua Wood is a savvy business woman, a wife and a mother. The growth of her company and its dedicated customer base, won her the GUBA 2013 Awards for the Small Emerging Business category. Subsequently, the range of products available has increased tremendously and still carry the natural and handmade quality logo. There has been even more remarkable developments, we interview Akua Wood to find out more.

What impact did winning the GUBA award have in your life?

Although I have been in business for a while, winning the GUBA award has helped to raise my profile tremendously. GUBA is a known brand, therefore, being associated with it has brought on a lot of acknowledgement and a potentially new customer base. Winning the award has had a positive impact on my business and on a personal level.


GUBA is 5 years old; What message have you got for those who don’t know about GUBA?

Happy anniversary GUBA!! GUBA is a remarkable organization that continues to make an impact within the African community in the UK. It has brought together like minded people and continues to create a platform for further growth. I would encourage people to familiarise with the aims and ethos of GUBA. GUBA has many facets and I personally associate with GUBA due to its many charitable sides. The GUBA Foundation in particular, is of great interest to me because, it focuses on raising autism awareness. Through this foundation, many people are becoming informed and educated on autism.

The GUBA Expo is also an exciting new addition to the GUBA brand which is closer to home as it focuses on Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). I was in attendance at the first GUBA Expo which took place in November 2014 and can vouch that it caters to a much needed demographic; which is small businesses. SMBs need all the advice and help it can get so the GUBA Expo is doing a good job. I would urge people to associate and learn more about GUBA, and donate to the Foundation.

Which areas will you like to see Ghana developing in, over the next 5 years?

Education is one of the important areas I would like to see Ghana improve in; specifically, education on special needs and disabilities.  There is a lack of information and knowledge on how to deal with and handle special needs issues. I am passionate about this area because I have a mentally handicapped daughter and we encounter several difficulties when we travel to Ghana. This is because the society isn’t equipped and informed on how to view and relate to special needs children like my daughter.  If this area can be focused on, it will change attitudes and improve the lives of other special needs and disabled children living in Ghana.

The range of products offered by Akua Wood’s company- Sheabutter Cottage is exquisite. She always strives to bring the best products to the client. We are exceptionally proud of the level of products provided by our past winner Akua Wood, we request for all to support this great business.

To find out more about Akua Wood and Sheabutter Cottage, visit:http://www.sheabuttercottage.com/home.php Twitter: @akuawood

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