PenielThe age of social media makes it easy to communicate messages and issues, a concept that has been well understood by Peniel Enchill. If you are an avid Instagram user, you would have come across the work of this outstanding young lady. Peniel’s work is a collection of digital art, portraying positive messages for women.  It challenges concepts, promotes femininity and self-worth, and has been well received on various social media platforms.

Noting the under-representation of women in art, Peniel’s ploy is to develop her skill and serve as inspiration for upcoming female artists. She has recently completed a degree in International Fashion and seeks to merge her love for art and fashion, turning it into a lucrative business that will help other upcoming artists.

As the only female out of eight nominees, Peniel tells you exactly why she deserves your vote…

Congratulations on your nomination for the Artist Extraordinaire Award. How do you feel about your nomination?

I feel ELATED! I am really humbled to be considered for this award. I have been following the GUBA awards for a while and to be considered good enough to be nominated, especially for this category is simply awesome.

Tell us why you deserve the Artist Extraordinaire Award

I am up against some extraordinary people and after reviewing the nominee list, I was really impressed with the work of my fellow nominees. I also noticed I am the only female nominee in this category and although initially amusing, it is currently reflective of art industry in Ghana

In a nutshell, I think I am deserving of the award not only to encourage the young and creative in our culture, but more importantly, to encourage an uprising of female artists. Majority of my enthusiasts are females and this would be a great position to aspire to.

Peniel 2What inspired you to pursue art?

I have never had a passion to do anything other than art and I believe that it is what God intended for me. Growing up in a family of good academics, I had to draw inspiration quite far from home and my immediate community. However, my greatest source of inspiration is the reaction I get when I create and till this day, it is always overwhelming and humbling.

What do you think about the GUBA Awards?

Two words; Inspirational and revolutionary.

GUBA is inspirational due to the vision and foundation of it. There aren’t many awards and events celebrating aspirational members of the Ghanaian community the UK even though, there are several Ghanaian visionaries working to improve their communities. Therefore, the presence of the GUBA Awards is not only inspirational but also revolutionary, as its effect of encouraging these inspirational individuals is far reaching – in their personal lives, and the community at large.

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