Artist Extraordinaire Award: Does Peter Asamoah Deserve Your Vote?

petePursuing your dreams is one that takes a lot of sacrifice but holds unimaginable rewards; Peter Asamoah, known by his artistic name ‘POKA GH’ is a firm believer of this. As an illustrator and animator, Peter Adamantly pursued art despite the lack of support and he has transformed his art into a successful career.

As the founder of POKA studios, Peter has had the opportunity to animate for the likes of Sarkodie, the Ministry of Education and many more. He continues to persevere and hopes to be a beacon of hope for aspiring young artists

Upholding the mantra ‘the sky is the limit’ Peter Asamoah tells you why he deserves your vote….

Congratulations on your nomination for the Artist Extraordinaire Award. How do you feel about your nomination?

Words alone cannot describe the joy and pride I feel when I reflect on this monumental achievement; international recognition. I deem it an honour to be nominated in the Artist Extraordinaire category. It humbles and thrills me at the same time!  God has been good indeed.

Tell us why you deserve the Artist Extraordinaire Award

From the words of Collin Powell, “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”. I have been humbled by this award nomination, I never expected anything of this magnitude. This nomination wasn’t achieved by mere luck, it was achieved through hard work, perseverance and with the Almighty God on my team.

I believe I deserve the award because, I want the barriers I have overcome in pursuit of this dream to act as a beacon to the younger generations. They are slowly eaten up by the world for pursuing dreams that ignite their passion and in the end, take up jobs that kill them a little inside. I want to stand in the face of this cruelty with my prestigious award and prove to the world dreams come true by pushing through with God. Hope is all I want to give to the world and I will like to thank GUBA for this huge opportunity.

Peter asa5What inspired you to pursue art?

Art has always been my first love. Even at a tender age, seeing Walt Disney bring life to his drawings made me realise that art is and will always be an unlimited medium for artistic ideas. Paintings of Michael Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci were premium inspirations as I grew up, and I owe a lot to them.


What do you think about the GUBA Awards?

An award ceremony that rewards Ghanaians and gives them international recognition for their achievement is one to be celebrated. The GUBA awards is a great endeavour to which I give my full support. God Bless GUBA for this opportunity.


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