dollsA unique and incredible website selling black dolls has been launched. was launched on Monday the 12th of October 2015 and is one of the only websites offering affordable ethnic dolls in the UK.

The need to launch such a website came from the lack of available Afro-Caribbean descent dolls in the market.  Creator and CEO of the Gabby’s World Kerry –Ann Graham pointed out the importance of self –love and giving young girls dolls that reflect their beauty.

Having a daughter, I felt it was important for her to love herself and embrace her ethnicity.  I thought one of the ways to do this was to capitalise on her love for dolls by purchasing dolls that look like her.’    She added ‘I found sourcing Afro-dolls was rather difficult and for this reason the idea came about.’

The website currently boasts four categories of dolls ranging from Barbies to Disney Princesses.  The dolls are suitable for all ages.  The website which caters to particularly minority girls brings out creativity through play and lives up to the slogan ‘Play it, Dream it Live it’.  Whether a princess, rockstar, or a doll just like mommy, little girls will be able to use their imagination influenced by cultural norms and constructs to reinforce positive self-image.

logoThe website comes at a time where self- confidence and esteem is low amongst young black girls.  The skin bleaching phenomenon has been sweeping across Africa and the Caribbean. With not enough black female role models, it’s essential for parents – especially black mothers – to engrave in their daughter’s minds the old adage that black is beautiful.  On this premise, Mrs Graham found that dolls portray what little girls want to be and dolls are beautiful.  Giving a black girl a black doll is only one step in changing the perceptions of beauty and encouraging self-love.

As Christmas approaches, a Gabby’s world doll will serves as a perfect gift for young family and friends. Currently located at the Lewisham Shopping Centre, opposite the Poundland store, Gabby’s world has a great range of affordable dolls for this festive season.

It is imperative for young girls to have images that are reflective of them so why not start with a doll?

Find out more about this great business by visiting

For more information contact: Kerry Graham – 07533066505

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