GUBA EXPO SUCCESS STORY: Bernice Sadique, CEO of CLIP-IN HAIR Extensions


A woman’s hair is one of the many reflections of her style and it is no surprise that the consumption of hair related products and accessories is constantly on an upsurge. 31 year old business graduate – Bernice Sadique saw a need to create her own clip in extensions as an excellent form of protective styling for the healthy hair conscious.

Set up in 2011, Clip-in Hair Extensions has risen in the ranks in the Ghanaian hair industry, with the highly sought after ‘Asantewaa Braids’ collection.

“Our main objective is to offer our clients easy and convenient ways of looking fashionable without going through the stress and long hours that comes with it.” She adds.

Bernice’s determination and creativity is undeniable and following her impressive collection at the recent GUBA Expo, we interview Bernice to find out more about her brand and its progress.




Tell us a bit about your brand and the inspiration behind it

The creation of Clip-in Extension came out of a personal quest to find the best treatment for my hair. Fortunately for me, a friend introduced me to Clip-in hair pieces when I travelled to the UK five years ago. I got hooked.  So I sent a few back to Ghana that became so popular with my friends that they sold out within days.

Some of my first clients- largely students- struggled with the prices so I figured if I could make them myself then I could regulate the number of strips in a pack and type of hair and that way I could satisfy both my high-end clients as well as those on a budget. That was how I started making and branding my custom clip-in hair.  And since then my team and I have consistently innovated easy and smart ways of rocking beautiful lengthy hair in little or no time.


Congratulations on securing such great contacts in the UK! How do you feel about it and what unique features can we look forward to?

I am very excited about our venture into the UK market. We do have a good number of clients in the UK we send packages to very often but the GUBA EXPO  has linked us to a wider market that didn’t know of our products and were very excited  and appreciative of the options we presented to them for their protective hair styling.

What are your thoughts on the GUBA Expo and the GUBA brand in general?

The GUBA brand and the GUBA EXPO is a brilliant concept for African businesses like mine. It provides a very solid platform for us to showcase our arts and crafts, products and services to the European market and a chance to prove that we are not only consumers but strong manufacturers whose products can potentially compete with products and services from China, Asia and Europe.



What is your vision for African businesses like yours in the next 10 years?

In the next 10 years, I see African businesses like mine producing high quality products on a large scale for shipments all over the world. The African entrepreneur will take over what originates from our continent and tell our story through the work of our hands, be it fashion or artefacts.

How can people get in touch with you? Any upcoming programs?

Our products can be viewed on our Facebook handle Hair Extensions (GH) and Instagram: clipinhairextensionsgh

We have upcoming exhibitions at the Afronistic Event at Gordson Square in London on 31st July 2016.


We are more than impressed with the collection on offer by Bernice and her company. We urge all our friends and supporters to support this creative business and its affordable products.



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