GiveMeTap launches Limited Edition Adinkra Bottles

africansymbols-blackbottle_60a445f4-1ef4-4b2e-a93c-4dfc23cfbc3a_1024x1024Founder of GiveMeTap and GUBA Young Entrepreneur (2013) – Edwin Kwaku Broni-Mensah, launches African Inspired limited edition bottles in celebration of GiveMeTap’s 5 year anniversary.

Partnering with designer – Sarah Owusu, the collection boasts of aesthetic excellence whilst fulfilling its charitable aim of providing free water access to rural areas.

The designs are an integration of four key Ashanti Adinkra symbols – Gye Nyame which translates to “Only God”, Akoma which symbolises love, the heart and ties into patience and tolerance, Adinkranehene which symbolises “Authority” and Mpatapo which symbolises “Harmony”, god/spirituality, and love.

africansymbols-whitebottle_1024x1024The collection is available to purchase via:

Each bottle purchased, provides an individual in Africa with 5 years of clean water, with over 16,000 lives currently impacted.

The aim of GiveMeTap is that eventually everyone will have access to clean water because, where there is water, there is life!

GUBA urges you all to support this innovative enterprise. Find out more about their work at


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