Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Sequel to British Ghanaians: Lost In Translation


Ortis Must Go! is a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the sequel to the Award-nominated and critically acclaimed documentary; British Ghanaians: Lost In Translation 


Written and Directed by documentary filmmaker, Pamela Sakyi (SparkleLight Productions) the documentary highlighted how the lack of Ghanaian language fluency can affect one’s cultural identity and connection to their heritage, within the British Ghanaian community. Many people of Ghanaian parentage, living outside of Ghana, struggle to understand or speak a Ghanaian language fluently, for many different reasons and they are losing touch with their identity as a people of Ghanaian descent.

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The documentary directly helped to revive interest in Ghanaian language learning amongst 2nd and 3rd generation Ghanaians in the diaspora. Ghanaian Language schools and organisations reported the increase in interest and new student applications. The documentary also resonated with Ghanaians all over the world.

The Journey Continues….

Knowledge of our Ghanaian languages helps to strengthen our communication between generations across the diaspora and with Ghanaians back home in the Motherland. It also helps to preserve the richness of our cultural identity and heritage.

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To produce the sequel to British Ghanaians: Lost in Translation, SparkleLight Productions is appealing for YOUR HELP. Ghanaians must recognise this opportunity to help keep our languages alive across the diaspora.

The sequel will be filmed in Ghana and will address the following issues:

Opportunities for Ghanaian language learners (jobs, contributions to the economy and more.)
The effects of the current education system on fluency
What native Ghanaians think about the fluency problem within the diaspora

Ortis will also have the opportunity to rediscover his roots more deeply and find out just how important knowing the languages are, for people of Ghanaian descent.

£6000 is to be raised by the campaign deadline of APRIL 30th 2017

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