Prempeh College Old Students’ Association UK (Amanfoo), are an organisation of forward thinking individuals working for the benefit and sustainability of their alma mater – Prempeh College.

With over 70 registered members, this association works to promote the welfare of their members in the UK whilst providing financial support to their alma mater.

Amanfoo are committed to systematically mobilising their members in various parts of the world, ensuring that each member upholds the values of progressiveness shared by the organisation and its alma mater.

GUBA interviews Prempeh College Old Students’ Association to find out more about the workings of their organisation.

Congratulations on your nomination for the Ghanaian Alumni Award! How do you feel about it?

We are pleased to be nominated for this prestigious award.  It is an encouragement to the members for their hard work to be acknowledged through the maiden edition of the Best Ghana Alumni Award. Hopefully, our nomination will inspire other alumni associations to get stronger and reach out to the wider community and offer help to the needy.

Tell us a little about your organisation and what it does

The Association is open to all past students of Prempeh College and it resides in the United Kingdom.  It generally seeks to address welfare concerns of its members, the wider Prempeh College alumni, the College and beyond, in other words, to undertake projects as may be considered necessary by members.

Its aims and objectives are:

  • To promote the spirit of Prempeh College and the integration amongst members and support each other at all times.
  • To mobilise enthusiastic Prempeh College Old Students resident in the UK to recognise the need for unity amongst members and take measures that will lead to its realisation.
  • To support members and their immediate families who are in condition of need, hardship or distress and those who are unwell.
  • To raise funds through financial contributions and freewill donations from members and the general public to support our alma mater.
  • To help organise and assist with individual members’ merriment and bereavement. This however, should be on a voluntary basis and with the explicit consent of the member in question.

We provide text books to our school annually and also support the school financially during the National Maths & Science Quiz and National Robotic competitions.

Our annual Christmas parties and occasional fundraisers are considered to be the best and the number of guests at these events speak for itself. In December 2015, we hosted 400 guests at our Christmas party and in May 2016, we organised a very successful fundraiser in support of our school’s endowment fund which is to be launched in Q3 2017.

Further, we try to bring together all other sister associations and invite them to our events and/or attend their events. We are therefore the only association amongst our peers with contacts across the Ghanaian Old Students’ Associations in the UK.

Why would you organisation deserves to win?

The Association is people-focused and has supported members at some crucial times of their lives.  In order to give back to the school that educated us, the Association has raised funds to invest in school projects to ensure the school continues to deliver the finest individuals in academia, politics, sports, medicine, business etc.

As an association, we continue to impact lives of poor and needy people such as sponsoring students in Ghana and Europe at critical points in their careers.

What inspires the work of your organisation?

Our association has multifaceted aims/objectives spanning the welfare of its members through to helping our alma mater. In the last couple of years, we have shot the boundaries of our core mandate to help random needy students. We think what has been more fulfilling and therefore inspires us to do even more is realising that we have helped made people happy! Be it paying the fees for medical students or standing together with members who have lost loved ones or giving back to our alma mater.

What are your thoughts on the GUBA Awards?

GUBA awards is just awesome, the initiative, concept and the reach it has is just unique, and it is not surprising at all that your CEO was rewarded in last year’s Queen’s birthday honours. GUBA awards is special, and we feel really privileged to be nominated to be part of it this year not least because it is the first such ceremony of its kind to specifically recognise Ghanaian achievement and the only award, as we understand it, to be endorsed by the Ghana High Commission in the UK. We feel honoured.

Are you involved in any other projects?

The association has set aside an amount of money to construct a new entrance to our alma mater in order to improve the safety and security of the students and other stakeholders of the College.

Prempeh College Old Students’ Association UK been nominated for the Ghanaian Alumni Award. To cast your vote, visit


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