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The Grow, Unite, Build Africa (GUBA) Awards is a non-profit pan-African business and innovation awards that reward and celebrate excellence, shining a spotlight on trailblazers who tirelessly work towards the advancement of the African diaspora and its communities back home. From impactful initiatives to transformative leadership, each award recipient embodies the spirit of resilience, creativity, and dedication that drives positive change.

With categories spanning a diverse range of fields, including business, entrepreneurship, healthcare, education, arts, and culture, the GUBA Awards recognize the multifaceted contributions that shape the fabric of the African diaspora. Whether through philanthropy, advocacy, or entrepreneurship, honourees are celebrated for their unwavering commitment to making a difference and leaving a lasting legacy.

More than just an accolade, the GUBA Awards serve as a platform for inspiration, fostering a culture of excellence and aspiration within the African community. By showcasing success stories and amplifying the voices of change-makers, these awards inspire future generations to dream big, defy limits, and make their mark on the world.

As one of the most professionally executed and entertaining events, the GUBA Awards ceremony attracts a high calibre of Ghanaian and African political luminaries as well as business and entrepreneurial personalities. Guests have enjoyed the organisation and professional appeal of our past events.


Founded in 2009 by the Ghanaian-born British television personality Lady Dentaa Amoateng, MBE, GUBA Awards started as an annual awards ceremony in Britain which recognised the “hugely significant” contribution that British-Ghanaians make to society, with the first awards ceremony taking place in London, England, on October, 2010.

The GUBA Awards was the first ceremony of its kind to specifically recognise Ghanaian achievements in the UK and the only awards to be endorsed by the Ghana High Commission in the UK. It was intended as a platform that “showcases and celebrates excellence and achievement within the British-Ghanaian community as well as the outstanding and valuable services provided to Ghanaians in the UK and Ghana.

2019 marked a significant change in the history of the GUBA Awards. For the first time since its inception, the awards were held in the United States of America as GUBA extended its horizon to acknowledge Ghanaians living in the United States and Canada. The awards were held during the 74th session of the UN General Assembly and were attended by African dignitaries, including heads of state. This shifted the focus of GUBA Awards from a Ghanaian diaspora event to a truly pan-African event. GUBA Awards USA brought a significant shift from a Ghanaian-focused awards scheme to a pan-African award scheme.


GUBA Awards donates proceeds towards charitable schemes operating within the Ghanaian community, and provides an “engaging platform” for promoting greater cultural diversity in the UK as well as raising the profile of Ghana. In 2012 the GUBA Foundation was set up to tackle a broad spectrum of issues affecting Ghanaian and African communities.


GUBA Awards has been acknowledged and endorsed for its role in recognising Ghanaian achievements in the UK, as well as promoting the national interest of Ghana and the African community, by dignitaries and organisations.

In July 2013, GUBA Awards received an International Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Excellence Award, beating over 100 nominees from the UK corporate sector. The organisation won silver in the ‘International’ category of the awards for its work supporting and enriching British-Ghanaian communities. The accolade gives GUBA the opportunity to be recognised as a leader in corporate social responsibility and be officially honoured at the House of Commons with a CSR World Leader Plaque.

In 2015, GUBA was a recipient of the British Award for African Development (BRAAD). The award was in recognition of the outstanding achievement of GUBA in community and social development.

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