Our recent blogs have been testament of the growth and progress of Ghana and its economy. We’ve reported about the billions generated from gold revenue, agriculture and commerce. The figures have been impressive and demonstrate the significant prospects for the future of Ghana.  

Despite these improvements however, there still seem to be a number of people living below the poverty line, alongside a number of financial issues.

My question is ‘where does all the money go? Aside from the obvious assumptions we can all make as to where the money goes and to whom it goes to, we must really seek to get to the root of the issue.

Data suggests that nearly 30% of Ghanaians live within the high poverty zone meaning that they survive on less than 2 dollars a day. In addition to that, the rate of unemployment is high and steadily increasing, foreign imports are taking precedence over local produce and there is a heavy reliance on foreign aid. These are just a few of the issues Ghanaians face on a daily basis.

Clearly the proceeds generated are not being reinvested into the economy. It is not going towards creating jobs, funding skills training, education and healthcare. Although there are no official figures showing the percentage that is reinvested into these areas at present, the levels of unemployment and the quality of healthcare and education, are indicators that more needs to be done.

We are all aware of these problems and as Ghanaians, we are all responsible for the advancement of our country.

So readers what do you think can be done to improve the current state of affairs in Ghana?

Please join in this GUBA discussion and remember this is from your perspective. The best comments will be featured on our blog so comment below, on Facebook, or our Twitter. Your country needs your input!!

 Discussion started by Claudia Andrews

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