GUBA Interviews: Esther Titi-Lartey Miss Ghana UK 2012


Pageants create an opportunity for women to express and discover themselves. Through grace elegance and poise, women are able to demonstrate and explore their femininity to win the coveted title as Queen. Miss Ghana UK is no different from these other pageants and aims to find the best and most impressive women of Ghanaian heritage living in the UK.  This annual pageant draws in a number of hopefuls willing to demonstrate that they are eloquent, elegant and charismatic enough to win the title and to become an ambassador for Ghanaians in the UK. Past queens have demonstrated their diplomatic skills by working with prominent organisations and charities. The competition that took place last month was fiercely competed but, her grace and eloquence set her apart from her other worthy adversaries as she emerged victorious.

 This year, Miss Esther Titi-Lartey, is Miss Ghana UK 2012, our elegant new Queen of beauty.

 The Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards are delighted to see young Ghanaian women in the UK displaying such grace and talent and representing Ghana in a positive light. GUBA speaks to Esther Titi-Lartey to find out her plans during her reign as Miss Ghana UK 2012.

Congratulations on winning the coveted title as Miss Ghana UK 2012. How does it feel to be crowned a Beauty Queen?It feels great to be crowned Miss Ghana UK 2012, I am truly honoured to have been given such a wonderful opportunity. It is a huge responsibility but with all things I will still remain humble and do my best.

 Why did you enter the competition?I entered the competition to gain some experience as I wanted to explore the different aspects of being a Ghanaian woman. I also wanted to work with children and I knew that winning will be the first step to pursuing that dream.

 What do you think set you apart from the other contestants?I think my gracefulness set me apart from the other contestants because I did not underrate any of my competitors. They were all beautiful young ladies so I knew it had nothing to do with appearance but, I think the way I carried myself on the stage and how I expressed myself contributed a lot towards my victory

 What would you like to accomplish as the reigning Queen?I would first like to work with the Ministry of Women and Children affairs (MOWAC) in Ghana. MOWAC promotes the welfare of women and children and raises awareness of child prostitution both in the UK and Ghana. I have initiated contact with the organisation in the UK to indicate my keen interest in their organisation. I will like to be involved in their campaigns and awareness schemes and will be ready to start working with them once I get to Ghana.

 From your perspective how does Miss Ghana UK differ from other African pageants?I don’t think there is a primary difference because they all have one thing in common which is the celebration of the African woman. The only difference is the focus on different countries for instance; Miss Ghana UK focuses on Ghanaians in the UK, whilst others focus on their various countries, but the panel of judges consider looks, personality, gracefulness, eloquence and what you can offer as an Ambassador for the host country in question.

 What do you think about the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards?The Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) is a very prominent award organisation. It highlights the hard work of Ghanaians in the UK and I especially like that it brings to light the achievements of Ghanaians in the UK.

 What do you expect from the GUBA Awards 2012?There are a number of role models and people that have inspired me along the way that I would love to see at the GUBA Awards.  My expectation for the GUBA Awards is to see determined and vigilant nominees get their worthy recognition and win their deserving awards. I would love to witness the drive and unity we share as Ghanaians.

Interview by Claudia Andrews


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