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The Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards is an annual award ceremony that begun in October 2010 in which the Founder, Dentaa, sought to create a platform to highlight the talents of the Ghanaian people. GUBA has since grown to become an organisation that showcases and honours not only Ghanaians but anyone who is working diligently to contribute to, enhance and improve the Ghanaian community in the UKor in Ghana. The third GUBA Awards Ceremony is scheduled to take place on the 10th of November 2012 at the Park Plaza Hotel River Bank London

GUBA’s objectives are centred on the premise of showcasing excellence; with the hope that it elevates and empowers others in the community to aim higher and reach a pivotal point where they can be recognised for their achievements. In the UK multicultural integration and unity has been positively encouraged over the years; the GUBA Awards provides a platform to see the contribution and efforts being made from within the Ghanaian Diaspora towards the betterment of Great Britain.

GUBA’s achievements have been outstanding to date. Earlier this year GUBA partnered up with the Afro-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) to appeal for bone marrow donations. The appeal was to help 22 year old Dennis Gyamfi and 8year old Rose-Anne Ofori who were in a critical condition and urgently needed a match. The appeal brought about a generous amount of potential donors that can help others in a similar position.

Several dignitaries and organisations have acknowledged and endorsed GUBA for its role in recognising Ghanaian achievements in the UK,  including;  The Ghana High Commission to the UK & Ireland, The British High Commission in Ghana, The Ghana Ministry of Tourism,  former Prime Minister Tony Blair and wife Cherie, Lord Paul Boateng,  Diane Abbot MP, FIFA President Sepp Blatter amongst others, also they have all identified the part that GUBA plays in helping to promote the national interest of Ghana and the African community.

The Men behind GUBA

FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, also invited GUBA Founder Dentaa to a FIFA commemoration of Arthur Wharton, the first black British professional footballer – who is also being awarded a posthumous GUBA Lifetime Achievement Award.  Dentaa was chosen because of her ambassadorship of the Ghanaian community, an honour which will always be a motivation for GUBA to reach higher heights.

During the London Olympic Games, GUBA in conjunction with award winning Ghanaian producer, Kaywa, composed a song to celebrate and support Ghanaian athletes and Africa as a whole, in spite of the low number of Ghanaian representatives at the Games. Following the Olympic Games, GUBA joined forces with theGhanaMinister for Youth and Sports, Hon Clement Kofi Humado, to call for greater participation in sports from Ghanaians ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games. GUBA’s partnership with the Minister of Sports is a bid to get 200 athletes to Rio and to improveGhana’s sporting image in the future.

GUBA has also recently founded the GUBA Foundation, set up to tackle a broad spectrum of issues. This year the focus will be on Autism. Its main aims are to find ways to provide services to autistic children and families and to reduce the stigma attached to it in the African community.

Lastly, GUBA has made it easier for its supporters to be able to access the website on the go. The GUBA app is available for download at .

‘Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come’ and the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) awards is an idea that has come to fruition. The GUBA team will continue with its dedication to providing services to the Ghanaian community in theUKand around the world.

‘GUBA will continue to ensure that we represent the interests of the Ghanaian and African community and to showcase their outstanding achievements to the world’– Dentaa

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By Claudia Andrews

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