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Mr Alexander Adjei is the photographer and mastermind behind the Akwasi Photography brand.  Photographing celebrities from Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie to athlete and GUBA ambassador Jeanette Kwakye, Alexander’s images have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers such as the Voice Newspaper. The Akwasi Photography brand has grown in popularity and earned its place as the official photographer for the GUBA 2012 awards. Gracing GUBA with good quality pictures, we find out exactly what the man behind the lens is all about.

How did your passion for photography come about? I have always had a passion for Photography and art from a very young age. My passion for Photography however, was ignited when I first received a DSLR camera from a friend. That was a pivotal moment in my life because it was the starting point for me.

How long have you been in the photography field and what challenges have you faced so far? I have been in the Photography field forabout 4 years and my love for it continues to grow. The main challenges I had in the beginning was that of funding. Photography is an expensive trade so trying to acquire all the necessary equipment was very difficult.

What has been the driving force throughout your career? Customer satisfaction has been the driving force throughout my career. The satisfaction and gratitude that is expressed by customers when they receive their pictures is a great feeling. It is also humbling to know that you have shared and captured a special moment in someone’s life.

You have been a fantastic photographer for the GUBA 2012 Awards so far, what was your aim for this year’s ceremony? It was my aim to capture the great vibe of the night. I wanted to showcase the awesomeness of GUBA and to show those that were not present what they missed out on.

What were your expectations for GUBA Awards 2012? GUBA has been exceptional in the previous years so I expected them to continue with the good work and to be even more organised. I am very glad to say that this year’s GUBA awards ceremony exceeded my expectations.

Do you have other projects aside from photography? I am currently moving into the Picture and Film industry.  I have another company; ‘PressPlay Vidz’ and have shot a few adverts and some Azonto dance videos which is currently on YouTube.

What would you like to achieve in the coming years? My aim is to become a much better and prestigious photographer. I always try to exceed my goals so it is my aim to set high standards in photography. I hope that GUBA will one day have a Best Photographer Category so that I can compete.

GUBA is very privileged to have such an awesome person as our official photographer. He has graced us with pictures that capture the most amazing and pivotal moments in our ceremony. We are grateful for such wonderful partnership.

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By Claudia Andrews


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