Blavo, GUBA’s Best Professional, a Multicultural Employer – 8 Firms, 200 employees in 15 years

The GUBA ‘Best Professional’ award was a highly coveted title, hosting nominees from an extensive range of fields. Amongst the finalists were Dr Charles Easmon, Mr Douglas Oppong, Dr Felix Konotey-Aluhu and Mr John Blavo all highly experienced in their fields. At the GUBA Awards 2012, Mr John Blavo, founder and Principal Partner of ‘Blavo &Co Solicitors’ took home the desired GUBA ‘Best Professional 2012’ award. Blavo &Co specialise in a number of areas ranging from Mental Health and Public Law to Commercial and Employment Law. The Ghanaian born Mr Blavo founded his firm in 1997 with the commitment to defend the rights of individuals and businesses. After 15 years in the field, he can boast of a successful multicultural firm with over 200 employees. Blavo &Co generously give to a number of charities. The Baptist School and Orphanage Compound (BASCO) located in Ghana, houses and feeds more than 80 orphans, educates over 200 children, and has a staff of 21 teaching and non-teaching staff. Blavo &Co provide a lot of financial support to this orphanage. The Great Ormond Street Hospital is also aided by Blavo &Co towards breakthrough research and services for children. The final charity support by Blavo &Co is the MIND charity. This charity is dedicated to tackling mental health problems, an area of great interest to Blavo &Co.

This firm has received many accreditations from law societies and it’s a trusted source for customer satisfaction. These accreditations coupled with his dedication to excellence, won favour with voters and earned him his GUBA 2012 ‘Best Professional’ award. In this insightful interview, we find out the impact the GUBA award has had on Mr John Blavo.

How does it feel to win the GUBA 2012 Best Professional Award? We are very privileged to have won the GUBA Best Professional award and excited at all the prospects it might bring. GUBA has set up such an excellent award process which gives an opportunity for people to be recognised for their achievements and contribution to society.

What do you think set you apart from the other nominees? My fellow nominees were all very accomplished individuals so it was a tough category. I think however that being in the law field set me apart. Law in itself is an exclusive club, for someone like me not originally from the UK; getting the chance to permeate such a club is an achievement. Also, the fact that I’ve managed to set up a law practice that employs over 200 people from 40 nationalities all in a space of 15 years, I think contributed to my victory.

What was your experience of the GUBA 2012 awards? The GUBA awards was an exciting experience for me. It was an amazing event filled with good food, good networking opportunities and a great atmosphere.

What plans have you laid out for the next couple of years? My firm is laying plans to branch out into the rest of the country. We currently plan to set up firms in Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham and many more. One of our main goals and hopes is to expand to Ghana.

What message will you give to those trying to achieve their dreams? I would like to point out that it is difficult to make it in any field however; you have to be willing to find success even when it seems impossible. When I first begun I had no prospects of becoming a lawyer: to become a lawyer you first need to get a degree, attend a law school which is around 4 years, followed by a 2 year training contract. The training contract is very important because you cannot become a fully qualified lawyer without it and it is extremely difficult to get a training contract, because of the conservative nature of the job. My firm has set up some work placement initiatives to give young people from inner cities an insight into the law and to help them decide the best field to go into. I would like to say that although the road might not be clear, it is possible so people need to keep persevering.

Is there a category you will like us to add to our list for GUBA 2013 awards? I think the Business Innovation category will be a good one to add because it will recognise those that have creative and progressive business ideas. I also think a category for firms/companies that invest in people will be a great addition. The Times do yearly surveys of employers like these so GUBA might want to look into adding firms that invest in their staff.

The Best Professional category is one of major significance to GUBA. We value the contributions these professionals make towards the betterment of our communities. We wish Blavo &Co Solicitors more success in their field.

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