Thelma Odoi ‘s Volunteer Odyssey

Thelma Odoi

Thelma Odoi’s passion for humanitarian work has taken her across the world. As a Campaigns officer for the People and Planet society, she loves to volunteer and impact on the lives of women in developing countries. This inspiring young lady will be extending her altruism to South Africa in a few weeks, to work alongside the Work and Volunteer (WAVA) and the Centre of International Voluntary Service (CIVS) The project will be centred on the provision of care and skills training for children and the underprivileged.  Thelma alongside other volunteers will be providing support for women and children within disadvantaged communities.

 Thelma shares with GUBA her reasons for choosing to volunteer in South Africa and her hopes for the project:

I chose to visit the Masikhule Childcare NGO in South Africa because of the lack of education and the high level of HIV/AIDS within that community. I hope that by the end of this project women become educated and empowered enough to plan their future and achieve their goals. I also hope to work with governments in Africa and the United Nations to establish and maintain policies which will combat these issues and change the face of Africa for women. I really believe in empowering women, promoting sustainable education and providing leadership for women and girls. I hope to have a positive impact on the women in South Africa. I am also planning to visit an orphanage in Bulgaria this summer with the hope of gaining a global view of gender issues and poverty. Subsequently, I would like to establish an organisation in Ghana, with the aim of providing first class education to orphans and presenting them with life changing opportunities.   Also, my uncle and aunt are currently running an NGO in Ghana known as the Chosen Rehab Centre which provides free boarding facilities to rehabilitate drug addicts, alcoholics, street kids and the homeless. I hope to go to Ghana and support them in their aim of creating awareness on the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse as well.

 GUBA is in support of charitable acts and have been inspired by the work Thelma has done so far. GUBA hopes that this project yields positive results, and the lives of many orphans and women improves. 

People can support this worthy cause by making donations from as little as £1. If anyone would like to get involved, they can contact Thelma via email: or contact Pastor Raymond of Global Restoration Church on 07961428692 ( )

People who will like to donate from Nottingham can contact Jessica Amo via Facebook for details on how to donate and those doing so from Birmingham can also contact Nadine Polius via Facebook.

Donations of over £70 will be rewarded with a free hairstyle of your choice. Please see pictures of hair styles on my group page- ‘Hair by Thelma Rose’:


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