GUBA Spotlight: Upcoming Gospel Artist – Ruthy

Ruth Benny Wood known by her stage name ‘Ruthy’ is an upcoming gospel singer with a passion for bringing people closer to God. Growing up in the church, Ruthy has had a wealth of experience singing with the choir and ministering through song.

 Currently a solo gospel artist, Ruthy is making waves in the gospel scene with her album ‘My thoughts’ which was released on 12th May 2013 and especially her track ‘Lala’ which is gaining a lot of airtime. “The God we praise is a perfect God” and this is the very belief that drives her to put her all into making powerful songs that is sure to bring others closer to God.

 Alongside her music career, she is a mother of two wonderful children and a Communications and Events Manager at UniBank (Ghana) Limited. This hard working woman is also in possession of two Masters Degrees and has worked in a number of fields and banks.

 “I believe I can impact the world through music. I love to see people rise to the top in everything so in the near future I would love to motivate people to up their game in all facets of life so as to make it in life”– she adds

 GUBA gives Ruthy the platform to share her story……

 Has gospel music been your preferred genre all along?

Growing up in a Christian home, my attention and passion has been for gospel music. I find fulfilment and feel more comfortable in this genre.

What message do you try to convey through your songs?

Through my songs, I try to convey the love of God. I believe God has already given us all it takes for us to make it in this world and we have to identify our individual strengths and capitalize on it through his grace. I always want to stay on the lines of singing his praise rather than begging for what I believe has already been given to me.

How do you hope to contribute to the standard set by other Gospel artists?

I hope to improve on the standards already set. I believe my fans deserve better and so I want to take time to put my songs together. Above all, the God we praise is a perfect God therefore if we represent him, then our presentations and representations must be perfect. I would pursue quality in music video as well. My God deserves the very best.

 What are your thoughts on the newly formed GUBA Foundation?

I believe in giving back to society whatever God blesses me with and so with my whole heart I support the GUBA Foundation and the good work they are doing. Community service is the way to go.

Are you involved in other projects?

I am currently preparing to embark on a Women Empowerment Project. I have noticed that most corporate women face diverse challenges on their way to the top. I am therefore laying foundations to help corporate women to achieve their dreams of attaining higher heights.

What are your expectations for the future?

I see a bright future in music for me. I would want to go international and have a global impact. I would like to release some singles before coming out with my next album.

 Gospel music helps to enrich our lives and bring us closer to God. Ruthy’s ‘Lala’ is a praise sensation and available to view at

GUBA would like to encourage everyone to support Ruthy by purchasing her album which is being marketed by Cebex, at Katamanto in Ghana

For more information you can email Ruthy at ( and add Ruthymusicgh on Facebook.















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