Sharing Culture through Food- Zoe Adjonyoh speaks to GUBA

Food plays a significant role within African life and culture- It unites, feeds and bonds. Zoe Adjonyoh knows all too well the role of food and the message it sends. Setting up Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen (ZGK) in 2011, it has grown from its pop-up roots to a more advanced regular food event. ZGK now takes place on the first Saturday of every month at the Studio Gi in Hackney. ZGK boasts of an array of delicious Ghanaian food with creative twists such as the Jollof wrap which I’m dying to try.

Zoe’s aim of uniting and educating people through food has materialised and made ZGK popular with a wider audience. From food events, pop- ups in Berlin, to catering for the masses, ZGK continues to play its part in introducing the Ghanaian culture to all.

Zoe is an inspirational entrepreneur driven by her love for Ghana and her passion for food. GUBA gives Zoe a platform to tell us about her business…..

What is the concept behind Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen?

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen comes from a desire to share good home-cooked food. ZGK encourages people to experience and access a new culture through food and makes the experience as friendly, sociable and engaging as possible.

Have you encountered any difficulties in business so far?

I haven’t encountered any problems that have stopped me from doing something I wanted to do. My ambition and strategic marketing has driven my business towards various goals and as a result, it has grown organically. The biggest difficulty would have to be juggling all the various projects I am working on simultaneously.

What are your expectations for ZGK over the next 5 years?

I want to be able to grow and expand ZGK merchandise and get our produce stocked in supermarkets. I will continue to take Ghana Kitchen to new destinations around Europe and further afield. I am also looking to write a recipe book that combines life writing.

Are you involved in any other projects?

I am currently completing my Masters in Creative & Life Writing at Goldsmiths University and have a few interesting collaborations and food projects with food in the pipeline.  I am also consulting at the Albany in Deptford throughout September & October on their festival menu and teaching their café staff how to cook West African food.

What do you think about GUBA?

GUBA is a very prestigious award organization, the concept behind promoting British Ghanaian talent and business leaders is important for the diaspora community. It showcases what Ghana has to offer to the wider world and helps towards building the brand Ghana.

Any future events you would like to share?

ZGK beer range: Scotch Bonnet Belle’ Ale and ‘I should Cocoa’ Stout is being launched on Tuesday 8th of October 2013. The traditional ingredients used in my recipes inspire these beers and the food menu on the day will incorporate the beers into fusion dishes such as; Scotch Bonnet Belle beer battered Tilapia and yam chips!

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen truly embodies the Ghanaian spirit of unity and bonding through food. The sensational flavours and its promotion of Ghanaian cuisine is one we are proud of. GUBA will like to encourage everyone to support ZGK and help to spread the word about their fantastic work.

Contact ZGK at

Facebook: zoesghanakitchen

Twitter: @ghanakitchen

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