GUBA’s Independence Day Address

On 6th of March 1957 Ghana became the first Sub-Saharan country to gain independence from colonial rule. 57 years on, Ghana has survived as an independent state and continues to be a beacon of hope for all. Ghana has managed to hold on to its promise of Democracy, with its recent manifestation being the legal and orderly way the election petition was conducted.

The love of Ghana is what binds Ghanaians together across the world. Our humility and steadfastness is what drives us to work towards the betterment of Ghana.

Although Ghana’s economy faces one of its toughest time since independence,  brought on by the devaluation of the Cedi and an overall price hike, there is no doubt that the Ghanaian spirit and strive will overcome.

GUBA and the GUBA Foundation, on behalf of Ghanaians in the UK and the Diaspora, will like to wish Mother Ghana a Happy 57th Independence Day. Though we face one of the hardest years ahead, we forever remain strong and undeterred. We envision a superbly functional and prosperous Ghana in the coming years.

So on this day, may we celebrate all that is good about Ghana, as we reminisce about our journey so far, let us all be vigilant and resourceful for the years to come.

Happy 57th Ghana Independence!!!

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