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The work ethic and determination of Hannah Oyewole is incredibly remarkable and led to her nomination for the GUBA Rising Star award in 2013, alongside other incredible trailblazers. Coming from a challenging background, the aspiration to be and do more has aided her in her self-development and fuelled her desire to impart this very aspiration to others. In 2011, Hannah put her plan to action and set up the Young Ladies Club (YLC), an empowerment and interactive social enterprise for young girls from underprivileged backgrounds.

YLC communicates its ideas through hosting a series of seminars and events with one of the successful events being the High Heels Networking event. The High Heels event is an outstanding networking event for like-minded young ladies to interact with entrepreneurs and other businesswomen within their interested fields. The event centres on the notion of empowerment, motivation maintenance and equipping the young ladies with the mindset for success.  The High Heels event has been successful to date with the eight edition scheduled to take place on July 18, 2014 at the Novotel Hotel Greenwich. This upcoming inspirational and exciting event will play host to a number of successful young women within the Beauty industry and other progressive fields. It is set to follow suit in its success and surpass previous ones.

GUBA catches up with Hannah Oyewole to find out more about the High Heels event and the progression of the Young Ladies Club. 

Hannah (left) with GUBA CEO Dentaa at GUBA 2013
Hannah (left) with GUBA CEO Dentaa at GUBA 2013

In a nutshell, what is the Young Ladies Club?

Young Ladies Club is an inspirational and empowerment platform, dedicated to helping young ladies in four core areas of their lives; Entrepreneurship, Employability, Education and Personal development.  We host a series of events, workshops and seminars that effectively cater to the needs of young ladies, and connect with our audience through social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

How would you say Young Ladies Club differs from other women empowerment organisations?

Young Ladies Club is different from other women empowerment organisations because, we deal with underlying issues that are not always addressed within women empowerment organisations. We strongly believe in personal development and helping individuals strike a balance within all areas of life. Our events range from self-esteem classes, motivational and empowerment classes to vision board classes and health seminars.

Some women have come from dysfunctional backgrounds and thus, lack basic skills such as cooking, cleaning and etiquette skills. We aim to train and equip them with these skills.

Tell us about the High Heels Networking Nightand what one can expect from it?

The High Heels Networking Night is an uplifting and empowering event. We use the name High Heels to symbolise elevation and new levels in life. We strongly believe in the power of connecting and networking and we aim to highlight this at our event. We feature young ladies on the panel from different walks of life, who are making a difference within their communities and beyond.

We are currently hosting our eighth networking event on 18th July, 2014 at the Novotel Hotel Greenwich, London. This is our special summer bliss edition so the focus is on the Hair and Beauty industry. In addition to this, we have three key note speakers ranging from a journalist background to an entrepreneurial background;

  • Ruby Mae Moore (Founder of Amor Magazine)
  • Gbemi Okunlola ( Founder of Alonuko)
  • Lina Gadi (Founder of Start Young Global).

This event can aid Young ladies to gain clarity and direction for the next stages of their lives. For more details regarding the event please click this link; www.highheelsnetworkingnight.eventbrite.co.uk

How can people get involved with this event and the organisation as a whole?

There are various ways that people can get involved in our events, they can attend our events and find out more information about us, by going to our website; www.youngladiesclub.com.

We also have an Ambassador Programme where we recruit and train young ladies to lead and manage their own events. They also take on an active role in representing our brand in their schools, colleges, universities and local communities.

The closing date for the Young Ladies Club Ambassador programme is 14th July 2014

Lastly, we have launched our events management training programme for young ladies to give them the opportunity to gain events experience, through assisting at our events.

Do you have any other events planned?

We have a YLC Tour planned between September and December 2014, we will visit colleges, universities and local communities to promote the Young Ladies Club.

There is also the Young Ladies Club Forum in October 2014 which will be in observance of Black History Month. This forum will provide an opportunity for young ladies to voice their opinions about their lives and the influence of the media on their lives. We also have another High Heels Networking Night in November in association with Global Enterprise week.

Previous networking event
Previous networking event

What impact did the GUBA Rising Star 2013 nomination have on your life?

The GUBA Rising Star Award has helped me a lot, particularly in terms of adding more confidence in running a business. I have had several contacts from the awards event that has helped me immensely in my business. I also believe that the nomination brought awareness of the work that I do with young ladies in society. 

Hannah Oyewole is an impressive young woman. Her tenacity and consistency is one of the reasons why GUBA admires her work.  GUBA will like to urge you all to support this wonderful social enterprise.

To attend the High Heels Event, visit www.highheelsnetworkingnight.eventbrite.co.uk  for tickets

For more information and to get in touch with Young Ladies Club email; info@youngladiesclub.com 


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