Artist Extraordinaire Award: Does Koby Martin Get Your Vote?


As the co-director of VVX creative group, Koby Martin is the embodiment of originality. Illustrator, animator, artist and designer are a few of his attributes. Koby’s art can be described as an eclectic blend of colours with emotive undertones. Under VVX group, Koby has produced artwork and design for brands like Adidas and studios: Disturbing London, Virgin Records, and many more.

Koby’s love of art from a young age has transcended and led to the establishment of his current creative brand. Communicating through illustration, he demonstrates that art is an expression of complex realities. This driven and passionate individual is steadily carving his way to success.

Koby tells voters why he should be the winner of the Artist Extraordinaire Award….

Congratulations on your nomination for the Artist Extraordinaire Award. How do you feel about your nomination?   

I am very humbled to be nominated by GUBA, it goes to say my hard work over the years has been recognised.

Tell us why you deserve the Artist Extraordinaire Award

It will mean a lot to myself and my team and every young adult who was refused entry into University based on their academic grades. Winning this will make them realise all you need is your passion and if I can be in a position to be nominated for this prestigious award they can too.


What inspired you to pursue art?

Growing up as a kid art has always being my forte. My parents used to bring blank papers back home and that will be my first touch to my creative side. Since then, I have been creating different artworks at different stages in my life.

What do you think about the GUBA Awards?

I admire the way GUBA has been organised and executed over the years. I believe any organisation that dedicates itself to recognising talent and excellence in selected fields and services, is worth celebrating and GUBA is doing just that.

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